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Close only counts in rockets and horse shoes

Fifteen hundred yards is close? In whose universe?

That’s 4,500 feet. I know this is normally a slow “news” period, but come on…

What are we bucking for here with Iran? Another Gulf of Tonkin “incident”?

Via Fox News

Embarrass Obadboy, get audited

“…Carson says the Internal Revenue Service started looking into his real estate holdings following his comments against the White House at the National Prayer Breakfast in February.  Carson says he had never had a problem with the tax-collecting agency until he spoke out against the president. Eventually, the IRS conducted a full audit against Carson and found no wrongdoing, he said.”

Coincidence? Sure, you bet.

This is what happens when most of the news media, the “Justice” Department and even the FBI are in the White House bag.

And it’s not like Obadboy didn’t warn us what he would do, way back in 2009. Now we see why he likes Putin and the Iranian Mullahs so much. He’s a wannabee dictator.

Via Fox News and Instapundit.

Why I always turn to Fox News first

Because our Affirmative Action president hates them and he has been hating them out loud since the first year of his pathetic, Muslim Brotherhood-lovin’ reign. Not unlike many leftist “journalists” who can’t stand the thought of anyone not marching in lockstep with them or their beloved NYTimes.

“Recently, the White House has kept Fox News off of conference calls dealing with the Benghazi attack, despite Fox News being the only outlet that was regularly reporting on it and despite Fox having top notch foreign policy reporters.”

No problem. Fox will get there first anyhow. Journalism is supposed to be about objective competition. It really isn’t and never was, which is why I will always turn to a contrary outlet like Fox News before I’ll wade through the sandbox of the sycophants, particularly Barry’s adoring pets in the alphabet media.

Fox News haters prefer herd journalism

O’Reilly asks: “Why does Media Matters, which admits it’s in business to hurt [Fox News], receive tax-exempt status?”

Gosh, Bill, with a Democrat Senate and White House, do you really wonder why? Isn’t working, anyhow, as Fox continues to beat the competition like the dusty rugs they are.

Silly as Media Matters is (I mean, really, how dare the right-wing dissent from the dominant left-wing media view?), even more amusing was Little Green Footballs recent pointer to a preference for herd journalism, so long as it suits their politics, of course.

They branded Fox News a (gasp) outlier for finding a new headline buried in the Left’s latest consensus reporting. Yep. Obviously, initiative is bad when it departs from the official line. Mustn’t confuse the weak minds who need confirmation of their political opinions in order to feel secure.

The Red State Oprah

Nice to see Sarah get a Fox political commentary deal, though she seemed to be doing fine with her Facebook news release comments.

Obamalot press pass


Barry’s assaults on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News scare some people. They make me laugh. What a doofus. Sure, it’s the Chicago Way. But, guess what, Barry, you’re not in Chicago anymore.

UPDATE:  Others better qualified at wordsmithing than I are laughing at Mr. Tough Guy, too.

ABC’s Jake Tapper defends Fox News

I remember liking Tapper when he wrote for Salon. In fact, he was the only thing I liked about the lefty Salon.