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LBJ the bully: prolonging the Vietnam War

In 1965, the Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended bombing Hanoi and mining Haiphong Harbor to avoid a protracted ground war in South Viet Nam. President Johnson screamed at them, cursing them and calling them idiots.

“Why had Johnson not only dismissed their recommendations, but also ridiculed them? It must have been that Johnson had lacked something. Maybe it was foresight or boldness. Maybe it was the sophistication and understanding it took to deal with complex international issues. Or, since he was clearly a bully, maybe what he lacked was courage.”

He certainly was a bully. He bullied his own wife, repeatedly, according to his biographers. So the ground war went on and on, literally consuming their country and figuratively consuming ours, not to mention LBJ himself, and it lingers yet as a bad taste all around. No wonder people, even people here in Texas, still hate the sumbitch.

Via The PJ Tatler.