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Classic gun threat and defense

“Alexander directs his muzzle roughly at the robber’s larynx from a distance of only inches, while maintaining his left hand in a position to deflect an attempt by the robber to raise his own handgun. Alexander says he followed this action by informing the robber that ‘you need to get out of here before I blow your head off.’”

With some free legal analysis from the law professor-proprietor of the blog Legal Insurrection. Who says that, as usual with these cases of right-to-carry, stand-your-ground gun defense, no shots were fired. Brandishing with a promise to kill was enough to drive a robber away.

The Three Snoops

The cartoonist ought to have added the nincompoop Barry assigned to run the Defense Department since it (allegedly) controls the National Security Agency and the CIA which are running the domestic spy ops on all of us in the name of fighting terrorism. Worked so well in Boston and Fort Hood, didn’t it.

“Knowing in my heart that President Obama has all the integrity of a Maitre D’, I figured that Americans would get the responsible service in this regard that they paid for, which for most of us is a contemptible near-zero amount.”

As J.D. Allen reminds, it’s not a question of whether the spying feds (and their undoubted director Wormtongue) have time to look at billions of emails and phone records. Of course they don’t.

Rather, it’s about when they decide, for whatever reason (and they get to pick the reason) to look at our individual emails and phone records. That’s when you’ll know (too late) that you’ve been chosen to play the “rule of law” game. A game they almost always win, even if you can afford to turn over a major part of your assets (such as selling your home) to pay a defense lawyer.