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Younger Next Year

The Younger Next Year books are inspirational for us old fogies, in that they prescribe “long and slow” aerobic exercise (treadmilling, mainly) for bodily improvement across the board. Not to mention improving your mood.

Prolonged (45 minutes) low-intensity exercise, at up to 65 percent of peak heart rate (96 to 102 bpm for me) brings more endurance and general healthiness. Continued over months and years, it improves your circulatory system, which saves your life (from heart attacks, stroke) and improves it (bye-bye erectile dysfunction) by tricking your hunter-gatherer brain into thinking you’re foraging. Hunting takes more muscle exercise but that comes later, after the aerobic has you feeling fit.

After five months of it, I’m almost ready to enter hunter mode. But it can wait. There’s no rush. I have the rest of my life, after all.