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Electric cars

That’s what Lyin’ Biden intends to force us all to buy by raising gasoline prices beyond what most people can afford. Trouble is the existing electric cars are either too expensive (Tesla goes for about $70,000); too mundane (the Chevy Bolt at $33,000) or a replacement battery costs almost as much as the car (The $27,000 Nissan Leaf can replace for about $15,000). Other than disliking being forced by lying politicians to do anything, I’m thinking it may be wiser to walk. Or ride a bicycle, like the rest of the world’s peasantry. Or continue working from home, for those who are able to do so.

“confused old man”

I am not the least bit sorry for our asshole president, no matter how demented he appears, because of what he has done and is continuing to do to Americans of the working and middle classes via inflation and illegal immigration. He doesn’t give a shit. So f*** Joe Biden.

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Lyin’ Biden to raise taxes on all

If a new tax bill passes the Senate, the middle-class would be hit hard.

“The House tax bill would raise taxes by $2.1 trillion, making it the largest peacetime tax increase in U.S. history. It contains 45 separate tax increases and would raise taxes on individuals, small businesses, companies, family farms, and other estates. Analysis by the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation shows that a substantial number of taxpayers at all income levels would pay more in taxes…

“Middle-income taxpayers would be hit hard. Nearly 60% of taxpayers earning between $75,000 and $100,000, roughly the national median family income, would face a tax increase.”

Meanwhile, Biden Inflation is rising at the fastest pace in thirty years.

Via Washington Examiner

UPDATE: New taxes across the board are needed to pay for the so-called infrastructure bill’s big expansion of the welfare state: “The Democrats are seeking to institute a universal basic income through the back door while simultaneously establishing a cradle-to-grave welfare state.”