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Refusing to ride on an M-113

That’s what thirty IDF reservists have done, using the Israeli military reservist reputation for independent (okay, insubordinate) action, to help get their fellows out of the death traps laughingly called M-113 “armored” personnel carriers.

Funny only if your life doesn’t depend on them, like the six seven Golani soldiers (one of them from Texas) killed in one a week ago. The first time I rode in a 113, way back in Army training in 1967, I thought: how efficient, cheap and convenient, all the soldiers inside can be quickly buried in the thing.

Then I heard that the slab-sided, box-on-treads—an easy target for even a pathetic marksmen—was even worse: it was made of bullet-permeable aluminum. I vowed to walk when the real time came and always did.

UPDATE:  According to Haaretz: “Chief of Staff Benny Gantz is already leveraging the attack on the obsolete armored personnel carrier, in which seven Golani soldiers were killed, to ask for an upgrade of all the army’s APCs.”