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Twenty minutes away from starting the prep for my sixth colonoscopy in twenty-five years. The actual procedure isn’t particularly uncomfortable. It’s the prep that’s the killer. The Ducolax tablets are easy, but the ten ounces of Magnesium Citrate is yechy. And the three-plus liters of NuLytely to be drunk in eight-ounce portions every fifteen minutes is unspeakable. I picked the orange flavoring this time. But the flavoring is pretty irrelevant. It still tastes like motor oil. Further affiant sayeth not. Until this turkey is over tomorrow morning.

UPDATE:  All went smoothly, though it took me about nine hours after the procedure to fully awaken from the sedation. That is, I awoke, immediately afterward, but stayed drowsy and slept a lot. Turned out well, the doc said. Nothing immediately concerning. Two small, extracted polyps remain to be examined.