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My colonoscopy

Coming up tomorrow. With an enema a couple of hours before, it’s easy. Just gentle laxatives before hand but they hardly seem necessary. Much better than all the horrible stuff I had to drink a few years ago.

I’m back on the probe after just three years this time (it was to be this time in 2020 but Covid intervened) because some pre-cancer polyps were found in 2018. Figures. I’m getting older and I have the genetic inheritance. Genes: G-d’s playdoh.


I’m scheduled for another one, although I really don’t intend to be treated for any cancer discovered, simply because I want a heads-up. If anything’s found, I prefer to just find out how long I have and sign up for hospice. Having watched Mrs. Charm go through chemo, I know I don’t want any of that poison. No surgery and no radiation, either. I’d just rather know what’s coming than be in the dark. If nothing is, then I can rest easy for a few more years. About colon cancer, anyway, which felled my father and grandfather.

UPDATE: Got the pre-op appointment set for Aug. 31. Event usually happens soon after.


Finished yesterday my sixth or seventh colonoscopy. Hard to remember as they’ve been coming at five-year intervals. This was the easiest by far, thanks to HyGieaCare, which obviates the necessity of drinking even 12 ounces (with lots of water) of awful, nauseating stuff I can only call motor oil.

An all-around shitty subject this, but a worthwhile alert if you have a first-degree relative whose death was due to or preceded by colon cancer. In my case they were my father and his father. If so, see a gastroenterologist and get on with it.

Five Four polyps were found this time, versus six last time (in 2013), but it’ll be a week or so until I find out if any of them were malignant. Never have found one such so don’t know what the protocol would be. Hope not to find out.

UPDATE: No cancer but two of the four were pre-cancerous so the doc has me down for another test in 2020—two-year interval instead of five.


I get these things every five years, thanks to colon cancer running in my family via primary relatives, so I know they’re worthwhile. They don’t hurt, thanks to the drugs you get. The worst thing about them is the awful preparation fluid you have to swallow by the gallon. Tastes like motor oil.

But I really must demur when some bloggers, including the vaunted Instapundit, say they are foolproof at discovering colon cancer. My father had them for years and they didn’t save him. Maybe it depends on the skill of the doc. That would figure. That’s why they’re called medical "practices."


Twenty minutes away from starting the prep for my sixth colonoscopy in twenty-five years. The actual procedure isn’t particularly uncomfortable. It’s the prep that’s the killer. The Ducolax tablets are easy, but the ten ounces of Magnesium Citrate is yechy. And the three-plus liters of NuLytely to be drunk in eight-ounce portions every fifteen minutes is unspeakable. I picked the orange flavoring this time. But the flavoring is pretty irrelevant. It still tastes like motor oil. Further affiant sayeth not. Until this turkey is over tomorrow morning.

UPDATE:  All went smoothly, though it took me about nine hours after the procedure to fully awaken from the sedation. That is, I awoke, immediately afterward, but stayed drowsy and slept a lot. Turned out well, the doc said. Nothing immediately concerning. Two small, extracted polyps remain to be examined.