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As the PR turns

Let the jihadis of ISIL put a beheading video on YouTube and all sorts of strange things follow. Such as Hamas claiming that in future:

“Mashaal vowed that Hamas would, in the future, take measures to warn Israeli civilians of impending attacks, just as Israel does in the Gaza Strip.”

Although he (the handsome, impeccably-groomed Hamas bigwig who operates from a plush hotel in Qatar rather than share the risks with his underlings in Gaza) said it would be easier to do so once Hamas gets more sophisticated (i.e. target-able) missiles. Underscoring their future intentions, by the way.

All of which is mere public relations baloney, of course, but it’s interesting that Hamas is taking pains to distance itself from the ISIL throat-cutters—despite having executed seven 25 alleged Gazan collaborators (without any sort of trial) in recent days. Their unceremonious deaths undercut (so to speak) Mashaal’s “good” intentions.

Via Times of Israel and Simply Jews.

UPDATE:  I like Haaretz’s headline: “We wouldn’t target civilians if we had better weapons.”  Yeah, sure. Like the mortar (a very precise weapon) that killed the 4-year-old boy.