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Chernobyl: More fic than fac

The HBO series, which recently ended at five episodes, plays mighty loose with the facts, according to Forbes enviro writer Michael Shellenberger.

No Soviet helicopter crashed flying over the burning reactor; the firefighter’s wife losing her baby because it absorbed the radiation meant for her never happened nor could it; most of the firefighters survived; and the danger of exposure to radioactive bodies is minimal.

So, if we can believe this critique, the HBO series employed massive amounts of dramatization, i.e. lies. Midnight in Chernobyl is much better, if far less sensational.

Not to be outdone, the Putin government’s Cultural Ministry has set out to televise “the tale of a heroic KGB agent trying to thwart a supposed CIA sabotage plot” at Chernobyl.

Yeah, that’ll show ’em. Combating lies with more lies.

Via Forbes & PJMedia


HBO’s picked another winner in Chernobyl, a fic-doc I suppose you could call it. Many of the details are real while the overall story is fiction.

The death of a young fireman ordered to fight the reactor fire is particularly poignant, his radiation exposure so intense that it literally is eating away his face. And his young wife steadfastly holds her lover’s hand. His highly radioactive dead body must be buried in concrete.

Of course you know the story, but you don’t. Not the lies of the Socialist dictatorship or the heroism of the ordinary people and their ultimate despair.

A good alternative to watching the show is a new book on the subject I’m liking so far.