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Pronoun comedy

“Soon, however, the conflict erupted again when Meriwether forgot and said, “Mr. Doe.” Even though he immediately corrected himself, the damage had been done. Doe again complained about Meriwether’s unequal treatment of students in class, saying that (s)he might hire a lawyer and bring a Title IX action against the university if something weren’t done about the professor.”

Really quite ludicrous, except for the suppression of free speech. Screw the little twerp and the judge who found for him. Her. It.

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Faking hate crimes

Now the conservatives are doing it. Face it, as John Leo says, everybody on campus likes to have an occasional uproar that spawns solidarity meetings, demos with pithy signs and arm-in-arm songfests. Why should the quasi-religious and divisive diversity crowd hog the spotlight all the time?

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