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The choke on the dashboard

Miriam does great reminiscences. She’s even written a book about them. But while most of her experiences were big-city urban (from which I was gratefully spared) get her on the subject of the unreliable American car of yesteryear and remember, just remember.

Cars (Japanese, Korean, German, even most American ones) are so reliable nowadays, they don’t put a choke on the dashboard anymore. Computers run the carburetor now. Most cars no longer have carburetors. We thought we had it good back then, choking the carb (before it was a diet reference) on a cold morning. But it really was pathetic!

Not to mention carrying cans of motor oil in the trunk for occasional roadside replacement. Miriam mentions them.

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Is it okay to steal soap from hotel rooms?

Miriam of Miriam’s Ideas worries about this because of a family connection:

“One of my relatives who travels extensively has not bought soap in 20 years.  Apparently the complimentary soaps he takes from  hotel rooms fulfill the sanitary needs of his entire family.”

It’s a common behavior, apparently, since her post has drawn scores of hits, including mine. I always swiped the soaps when I traveled but I’d prefer to buy soaps than travel

Via Miriam’s Ideas.

Our eroding political culture

“Seriously, I hate the lowdown argot of politicians nowadays. They seem to think they are in a pool hall, and not a nice one, either. Both parties are guilty. I personally don’t like to be addressed or described as ‘folks,’ like some backwoodsman from Andrew Jackson’s day. I don’t care for the expression ‘shout out.’ I don’t like to be told, ‘Read my lips.’ I’m sure you can think of others.”

Not off-hand, no, but I agree we are led by intellectual midgets (and moral ones, too) who copy each other relentlessly. I think it all started with Slick Willie and Her Lizardness and if she winds up replacing B. Hussein, it’ll be more of the same.

At least she probably wouldn’t wear shorts in public like the Great Divider does, being rather too flabby, not to mention the blue veins. More likely she’ll wear big-boy pants, the kind that go down to the shoe-top.

Meanwhile she’ll say stupid things about the “threat” of global warming while hypocritically flying about in “a $39 million, 16-passenger” carbon footprint called a Gulfstream G450. The climate warriors never walk their talk.

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Beating on a teakettle

Miriam compares her grandmother’s Yiddish to “No Blood for Oil” and yelling “Racism” at anyone who criticizes Obamalot (more now than ever before).

“This is what bubbe called ‘hocking a chinek,’ which I discovered after arduous research, means, beating on a teakettle…”

I’m not sure why, but beating on a teakettle makes me think we’re all good and truly doomed. I knew we were in trouble before, but this just makes it  a whole lot worse.

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The importance of being Ernie

Miriam has a funny post.

It’s a “what if” about the face on a thousand thingies that’s so ubiquitous nowadays nobody notices it any more.

What if the Left’s favorite Commie thug Che had been plain old Ernie Guevara?

Map of the soler system


My favs are Marse and Jopater.

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Ambrosia salad

From the Rancho Roly Poly Recipe File:

1 13.5 oz can pineapple chunks, drained

1 cup flaked coconut

1 cup mini marshmellows

1 can (11 oz) mandarin oranges

1 cup sour cream

Mix pineapple & oranges, coconut, marshmellows, sour cream. Chill, at least 3 hours.


Inspiration by Miriam’s Ideas.