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Our eroding political culture

“Seriously, I hate the lowdown argot of politicians nowadays. They seem to think they are in a pool hall, and not a nice one, either. Both parties are guilty. I personally don’t like to be addressed or described as ‘folks,’ like some backwoodsman from Andrew Jackson’s day. I don’t care for the expression ‘shout out.’ I don’t like to be told, ‘Read my lips.’ I’m sure you can think of others.”

Not off-hand, no, but I agree we are led by intellectual midgets (and moral ones, too) who copy each other relentlessly. I think it all started with Slick Willie and Her Lizardness and if she winds up replacing B. Hussein, it’ll be more of the same.

At least she probably wouldn’t wear shorts in public like the Great Divider does, being rather too flabby, not to mention the blue veins. More likely she’ll wear big-boy pants, the kind that go down to the shoe-top.

Meanwhile she’ll say stupid things about the “threat” of global warming while hypocritically flying about in “a $39 million, 16-passenger” carbon footprint called a Gulfstream G450. The climate warriors never walk their talk.

Via Miriam’s Ideas and Meteorological Musings.