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Intolerably odious

Congress, with apologies to Oliver Cromwell.

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The return of the homeless

Where did they go under Bronco Bama? Did Soros pay them to stay out of sight or is it just because the Mediacrats paid them no mind—nothing to sully the tenure of the light worker. Well, they’re baaack.

“They are back, big time! pooping it up in San Francisco, building tent cities, living under bridges, and panhandling from tourists.  Now that Trump has taken over the Hitler position, for the time being, until the Democrats manage to dislodge him, by fair means or foul.”

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If McCabe can do it…

Start a GoFundMe for his presumed (not even actual yet) legal fees. Miriam figures she can do one for a new Florida condo.

“I know asking people for a luxury condo is a bit much.  The optics, you know.  So I wont ask for a luxury condo in Fort Lauderdale, which is what was advertised in the Times.  I’d be satisfied with a modest–but not too modest–little pied a terre on the West Coast, even as far north as the panhandle.”

That’a girl. Keep it modest. Just about $400,000 worth.

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Vox populi, Vox dei

“This brings me to Donald Trump.  I plan to vote for him because he won the nomination fair and square.  I would rather vote for Abraham Lincoln, but he is not on the ballot.. I have two choices, and all the finely reasoned objections to him by highly educated intellectuals are so much hot air.  There is not going to be a Third Party candidate.  When I get in the voting booth there will be two names on the ballot and I am a Republican.”

Works for me, though I am not a Republican. Not to mention how awful another eight years of a Democrat would be. Not just the Hildabeast but any Democrat. You think the economy is bad now…

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Yeats channeling the future

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.”

William Butler Yeats channeling Wormtongue (our Barry Hussein), long before his earness’s birth.

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Three views on our new Cuba relations

From The Z Man:

“In reality, Obama is just doing the bidding of American business. The tourism rackets, gambling rackets and, of course, the bankers see big profits in Cuba. This news story from the spring [0f 2014] lays out the case for normalizing relations so big business can cash in on Cuba. It is easy to forget that Cuba was a food exporter before Castro. They can also be a source of cheap labor for American business. Our rulers will also enjoy vacationing there as well.”

On the other hand, via Miriam’s Ideas:

“Step outside of the official tourist route and one soon sees the real Cuba. It is here, amidst the prostitutes and the elderly people rummaging through [trash] bins in central Havana, that one starts to understand why many Cubans might like a few branches of McDonalds in their country. Cheap plastic food is, after all, a good deal better than no food at all.”

And from native Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez:

“…Raul Castro has not reduced the repression against dissidents, which in February reached the figure of 492 arbitrary arrests. The Castro regime extends a hand to the White House, while keeping its boot pressed on the non-conformists in its own backyard. However, the disproportion of the negotiating forces between the two governments has been noted, even in popular jokes. ‘Did you know that the United States and Cuba broke off relations again?’ one of the incautious mocked in December. Before an incredulous, ‘Noooo?!’ the jokester responds with a straight face: ‘Yes, Obama was upset because Raul called him collect.’ There is all the material poverty of our nation contained in that phrase.”

Mr. B.’s generation, as yet unnamed by the trendy, will know how it all works out.

Treasure Island

Mr. Stevenson’s Treasure Island is still one of my favorites, though the last time I read it was to Mr. B. just before he learned to read. I often think of young Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver and old Ben Gunn and his secret in the cave.

And Blind Pew and the fabled black spot.

And, of course, the book is at least 300 percent better than the movies, even the 1934 classic with Wallace Beery. Or the 1990 remake with Charlton Heston.

As reviewer Robert Guttman says at Amazon (where the ebook version linked above is free!): “No boy [or girl] ever really outgrows Treasure Island.”

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UPDATE:  I used the link to get a free copy and I’m rereading it!