The choke on the dashboard

Miriam does great reminiscences. She’s even written a book about them. But while most of her experiences were big-city urban (from which I was gratefully spared) get her on the subject of the unreliable American car of yesteryear and remember, just remember.

Cars (Japanese, Korean, German, even most American ones) are so reliable nowadays, they don’t put a choke on the dashboard anymore. Computers run the carburetor now. Most cars no longer have carburetors. We thought we had it good back then, choking the carb (before it was a diet reference) on a cold morning. But it really was pathetic!

Not to mention carrying cans of motor oil in the trunk for occasional roadside replacement. Miriam mentions them.

Via Miriam’s Ideas.

3 responses to “The choke on the dashboard

  1. Most cars don’t even have carbs any more. Nor distributor caps and rotors and points.

    I found the latter out about my car when I took it in for service and suggested that the distributor cap might be the problem. The mechanic thought that was pretty funny.

  2. Ah, yes, fuel injection, of course. Since the 1990s, Google finds. Thanks for the correction. I should have known better but cars are so reliable now I rarely have occasion to take one for repair and when I do I usually go to the dealer where the mechanics are well out of sight. Just as well. I made a fool of myself with them enough when I was younger. I was never one of those teenagers who worked on cars for fun and knew/know next to nothing. Except to call AAA, which Mrs. C. subscribes to annually.

  3. Reliable – yes, the makes you mention, although I have reservations re a few Ford models. But you shouldn’t forget some European makes, esp. French ones. Lemon doesn’t even start to describe them…