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Texas Rematch

It’s amusing to see the Molon Labe of the Spartans and the Texas Revolution applied to a modern disgust with the D.C. statists and their TSA’s pathetic security circus. I’m not confident this latest example of proposed Texas nullification (there have been others and I have no doubt there will be many more) will succeed, but anything that disturbs (however temporarily) the incompetent federal bureaucrats and their corrupt political enablers is fine by me. Hook ’em, Texas.

The Come and Take It cannon


I knew there was a lot of disagreement about this cannon from the Texas Revolution. Apparently this is the very one. Unless you believe the versions that say it was lost long ago and never found. The Gonzales version, seen here in the Gonzales Memorial Museum, supposedly was made by a local blacksmith. He must have been expert, indeed. The version I always heard was that the Mexican army loaned the little popgun to the American colonists to help fight off Indian attacks. Who else would something that small impress? The “Come and Take It” slogan of the time, referring to the Mexican demand for the cannon back, is from the ancient Greek, Molon labe.

The molon labe


One of the first flags of the Texas revolution (the bottom, Gonzales, one), with a grand warrior sentiment, the molon labe, that’s as old as dirt–well, the Spartans and ancient Greece, anyhow. Not unlike, as it happens, the modern gun owner’s response to gun control.

Via Frankly Speaking