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Ten thousand five hundred and thirty five

That’s how many pages there are in the ObamaCare regulations published so far in the Federal Register. California Democrat Henry Waxman apparently has not read them.

He dismissed a question from CNSNews correspondent Penny Starr about whether he had read the regs by calling it “a propaganda question.”

That was a curious turn of phrase. “Propaganda” was one of the criticisms the IRS applied in denying Tea Party get-out-the-vote groups ordinary tax exemptions before the 2012 presidential elections, and in one case until this week. Democrat minds think alike, obviously.

Ten thousand five hundred and thirty five pages of regulations. Doctors who can’t afford to hire lawyers to read and interpret the regs aren’t going to be in business for long. Ready for your “free” medical care? Good luck with that.

UPDATE:  During the “shut down,” or “slim down,” we’re discovering why they need so many regs. They have all these “nonessential federal employees” who need something to do.

MORE:  Maybe some of them could be put to work on the ObamaCare website—so far, it sucks. And, big surprise, it’s getting worse. Is FEMA running it?