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Our first Affirmative Action president

That’s Mr. President, Barry, Barack, B. Hussein Obama, The One, whatever you prefer. I mean just because it’s seldom heard doesn’t mean that it isn’t self-evident. Geraldine Ferraro was the first to say it out loud: that no white man with Barry’s political and social baggage and lack of experience could possibly have won either major party’s nomination.

Not with a racist pastor of twenty years, a convicted gangster who helped him buy his home and an unrepentent American terrorist who not only baby-sat his daughters but is the suspected hidden co-author of his one literary achievement. But because Barry is half black, you can turn Dr. King’s famous quote around, and give BHO a pass based on the color of his skin as opposed to the content of his (questionable) character. Hence, he is our first Affirmative Action President. He won’t be the last.

MORE: Iowahawk, who actually lives in Chicago, updates his classic Barry bio: The Epic of Obamacles.