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Hatch on Trump

I’ve always liked Orrin Hatch, even when I disagreed with him. He’s good on Trump, the first Republican president since Reagan who fights back against the Dims and their lapdog news media:

“I think it’s just great that [] gets out there & doesn’t take any crap from anybody. He’s done really well for somebody who’s never been in politics before. I’m starting to think maybe we ought to get more of those people who’ve never been in politics before.”-

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The ObamaCare catastrophe

Primary care doctors (the first ones you see when you’re sick) already are in short supply so the fed’s October-materializing mandated service to all comers will inevitably cause longer delays for everyone.

Meanwhile, the healthy young who supposedly are going to be funding this new bureaucratic nightmare have no reason to do so: “…why would they sign up [to pay an estimated $5,800 a year], especially since the alleged penalties will be negligible and likely unenforced?” Why, indeed.

Remember Sarah Palin’s assertion that there would be “death panels” to decide when old people had lived long enough? Wormtongue’s minions swore it wasn’t true and the Democrat news media piled on. Well, guess what? There will be a panel and it will make life and death decisions.

The IPAB’s godlike powers are not accidental. Its goal, conspicuously proclaimed by the Obama administration, is to control Medicare spending in ways that are insulated from the political process.”

About the only good thing to come out of ObamaCare, so far, is the number of doctors abandoning health insurance altogether and lowering their prices.

The worst thing to come? Surely it will be management of the old private and new public health insurance system by the corruptible Internal Revenue Service. You think they’re hated and distrusted now? Just wait…

“…the IRS can barely manage what it already has to do (and that’s a generous characterization given its unlawful targeting of conservative groups). The prospect of the IRS taking a central role in the administration of ObamaCare can only be described as scary.”

Meanwhile, the brilliant guy who rubber-stamped this sucker is off to Africa as part of his and Mooch’s endless series of vacations, this time spending a cool $100 million of our tax money. They know a sweet deal when they see one!

As Instapundit says, the country is in the very best of hands.