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My new iPhone 6 plus


Apple haters, like Mr. Goon, will despair but my new iPhone 6 Plus (white in a black Otter Box similar to the pix) is actually pretty cool. Its 5.5 inch screen is so big it’s almost a mini tablet. Easier for old eyes to read. Still fits in my pants pocket.

Oh, I considered an Android. I have to like any operating system called Lollipop. But, in the end, I had to acknowledge that Mrs. Charm and Mr. Boy both have iPhones and so why not be effortlessly compatible? Especially since keeping up with her in the hospital is important and texting him is about the only way to stay in touch. Anyhow, I like it. I already have the fingerprint ID security feature in operation and am consulting the operating manual daily for more tricks.

UPDATE: Meanwhile the last of Andy’s favorite circa ’05 collection of Motorola Razr phones has died. Sayonara, adios, etc.