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Boo-hoo Barney, and boo-boo Boxer

Glad the Reps have the House back (after the lame-duck Dems first ram through more trash spending and onerous regulations) but, really, are Massachusetts voters that stupid they had to re-elect Barney “The Whiner” Frank?

Guess so. And San Francisco voters Barbara Boxer? That one doesn’t surprise me. There’s always next time, as I do believe this Tea Party throw-the-bums out push will continue. Including the bums who won this time if they keep spending big bucks and passing more oppressive big-government regulations.

UPDATE:  In addition to being a disheveled jerk, Boston’s favorite butt boy is also a crook:

“This summer, the paper reported a controversial taxpayer bailout Frank arranged for a Boston bank at the center of an ethics scandal involving disgraced California congresswoman Maxine Waters, disgraced ex-state Sen. Diane Wilkerson and a disgraced banker arrested on rape and cocaine charges.

“Then there was Frank’s trip to the Virgin Islands aboard a private jet owned by a bailout billionaire. And the $40,000 his campaign took from bailout banks after he promised not to. And finally, there was the Herald video capture of Frank’s partner taunting Sean Bielat after a debate.”

No surprises here.

Government greed

Creepy pols like the perpetually-disheveled Barney Frank of Massachusetts are always calling businessmen  “greedy.” Frank’s been on the government tit for more than thirty years, pushing high taxes:

“Income tax rates have been as high as 90 percent in the top brackets. Even after you have paid the taxes on your income and saved or invested part of what is left, the government comes back to take more of that same money, after you die, with estate taxes…The biggest beneficiaries are the politicians who get a larger amount of tax money to spend in ways that will increase their prospects of getting re-elected.”

Maybe this will be the year we cull some of the career hangers-on like Frank, who waddle when they walk they’ve been sucking up government pork for so long. Sure, they’ll just become lobbyists. But at least they won’t write the laws directly any more.




Political corruption

It’s becoming pervasive, especially among our career politicians who’ve never done anything else. They’re bankrupting us as well as thumbing their elite noses at us. Short of armed revolution, the best we can hope to use to change it all is term limits. Since the skunks will never limit themselves, it will have to be done by voting out one bum after another.

Via Instapundit.

The real Hoovers


Reality check from Doug Ross @ Journal.

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, the Dems and their state-run media are playing up the stock market jitters (largely over Barry’s ascendency) while national output has declined just one half of one percent. But, hey, it’s a great time to spend tax money in the name of "job creation," mainly for their buds. 

Barney’s shame

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi I have always had a hard time liking. But Barney Frank, once upon a time, was different. Maybe it’s the amusing way he talks, like he’s chewing his cud at the same time. Or his basic dishevelment, strange for a gay man, a breed that’s usually groomed.

But I can’t watch him do pressers about the awful GOP who won’t support the bailout. This whole thing has well been called "Barney’s Rubble." No one fought harder to keep the steam up when the Bush administration tried to halt the coming train wreck. No one got more "donations" from Fannie and Freddie, or bears more responsibility for what happened, not even Barney’s and Nancy’s best buddy Barry. In a way, the whole bailout is for what’s left of Barney’s piddling reputation.

Via Southern Appeal.

MORE: Wonder why Pelosi won’t allow an investigation (she calls it a "witch hunt") into who caused this mess? Come on, now. That’s a big enough tipoff, right there.