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Race baiters

The early stench from the Zimmerman indictment

Is profiling a crime? Profiling is the supposed evidence against Zimmerman that led to a charge of second degree murder. Says Alan Dershowitz: this is a prosecutor “making a campaign speech” to please the media and the mob.

Maybe more prosecution evidence will come out. Maybe a judge will throw out the indictment. Meanwhile, maybe he’ll be safer in jail. Safe from fools like Al Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party, and Spike Lee. Not to mention Mr. Gunrunner Holder, our schmuck of an attorney general.

But, then, I remember. Fifty percent of the prison population is black. Florida jails, too, probably.

UPDATE:  Instapundit on how the unlimited charging power of prosecutors needs fixing. Make them liable, say, for bringing charges they can’t prove.

If you don’t approve of Obamalot you’re a racist

Take it from Maxine Waters, famous black Congressional crook, and, of course, old Hymietown himself, the, ahem, “reverend” Jesse Jackson.

These professional race-baiters are having a tough time dealing with Obamalot’s job approval rating having plunged to 38 percent. That’s Bush Jr. territory. And the rating for his handling of the economy? Even worse: 26 percent. Those are from Gallup, the famous Democrat pollster.

So far Maxine, Jesse and another comrade (how do you like her red satin cowboy hat and wagging index finger?) are going after the Tea Party, which they seem to have mistaken for the KKK.

But, then, everyone who disagrees with them ultimately gets the Klan treatment. And it won’t be long before they’ll be calling racist anyone who doesn’t stand up and salute every time the Dopey-Changey guy goes by in his 50-vehicle motorcade, on the way to his next vacation.

UPDATE:  Heh. Even Hurricane Irene wants a piece of him.