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Racial polarization

I agree with VDH that, if you think racial attitudes are divisive now, just wait, as he predicts, til you see the outcome of the Dems’ Pennsylvania primary and the legacy of Obama’s defeat for the presidency. I always thought the fellow might be nominated but never believed he could win the general election. That should be obvious now that he’s taken to preaching to us about slavery and oppression and making offhand remarks about "typical white people." He was a novelty before, a black man running for office promising to transcend race. Now, with his refusal to disassociate himself from his anti-American, racist pastor, he’s just another black scold in the JJackson, ASharpton race hustler mode, and white people aren’t going to buy it. Oh, some of them will, sure. But there aren’t enough of them to elect Barry. And the resulting black anger could be shocking–or would be if we hadn’t already had the preview that started it all, the "KKK of A" rantings of Barry’s paranoid pastor of twenty years and counting.