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Jew hate increasing

“So here is the near future: Every time the New York Times runs another anti-Semitic cartoon (and it will), each time a left-wing member of Congress questions the patriotism or morality of American Jews (and one will), and on every occasion Jewish students are harassed on campus (and they will be), we go another mile down the road to the well-known historical disaster that is looming ahead.”

Except this time Jews will not be disarmed. The sheep dogs among us will be carrying, while the sheep prattle on about love-thy-neighbor.

Via National Review

VDH is such a hoot

The famed military historian and one of my favorite authors on our pathetically inept prez:

“His speech today was fine—if one ignores the usual serial invocation of ‘I’, ‘me,’ and ‘my’ that we’ve become accustomed to, as the president tries to radiate authority with first person pronouns rather than common sense reality.”


The Californicators

They are a weird bunch, the California drones as VDH calls them. The ones who moved here back in the 90s to escape the hoards of Mexican illegals can be discerned by a proclivity to honk after the light changes when you don’t move ahead fast enough to suit them.

The stay-at-homes, VDH contends, apparently long ago dissociated their minds and attitudes from the sweat and effort that makes societies work. And, now, as their bloated fun-in-the-sun welfare state goes bankrupt, what else can their over-privileged children do but riot?

Can the depression talk

It’s no more than that. Just hysterical talk. Political talk, mainly. As VDH points out:

"Over 92% of Americans are still at work. Over 90% are still servicing their mortgage debts each month. For these, the ‘depression’ so far doesn’t mean a radical need to reinvent America. They plan to stay in their homes, even if they have negative equity in them; again, loss of equity doesn’t mean catastrophe if they don’t have to sell quickly, refinance, or remodel."

Even the 401K debacle isn’t critical for many. Mine has fallen only about twenty percent. Hardly depressive.

Give ’em hell, Dubya

It isn’t popular and that’s why someone needs to do it. Stand up for President Bush. And VDH is just the guy to do it. Like him, I could wish, however, for a more forceful defense of Dubya’s wartime and other policies by the president himself: April’s 5 percent unemployment was lower than March; more than 95 percent of mortgages are not in foreclosure; 0.6 percent growth is not a recession; the stock market is sky-high; and the Maliki government finally is moving the Iraqi government in the right direction. The arguments are on your side, George.

In the tank for Barry

I grew tired years ago of the NYT’s favored political narrative. So I wasn’t surprised when they ignored the Swift Boat veterans in 2004 to help keep John Kerry’s effete head above water. Followed of course by the rest of the old media sheep, which like to run the day’s political narrative from the NYT on their front pages. Until Kerry sank out of sight on election day. Now they’re doing the same for Barry. Not that it will help, I don’t think. I’m still with VHD on the subject: Barry will be the McGovern of 2008, losing even his home state of Illinois. Not a popular prediction, I know. But if you allowed yourself to live within the old media’s bubble in mid-2004, the idea of Kerry losing also seemed preposterous.

UPDATE: "Calvinball" begins. Newsweek signs up for Barry by issuing the "rules" of campaigning. As if.

Racial polarization

I agree with VDH that, if you think racial attitudes are divisive now, just wait, as he predicts, til you see the outcome of the Dems’ Pennsylvania primary and the legacy of Obama’s defeat for the presidency. I always thought the fellow might be nominated but never believed he could win the general election. That should be obvious now that he’s taken to preaching to us about slavery and oppression and making offhand remarks about "typical white people." He was a novelty before, a black man running for office promising to transcend race. Now, with his refusal to disassociate himself from his anti-American, racist pastor, he’s just another black scold in the JJackson, ASharpton race hustler mode, and white people aren’t going to buy it. Oh, some of them will, sure. But there aren’t enough of them to elect Barry. And the resulting black anger could be shocking–or would be if we hadn’t already had the preview that started it all, the "KKK of A" rantings of Barry’s paranoid pastor of twenty years and counting.