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Mr. B: Three .38 specials in the bull

The boy is getting downright deadly with our .38 police special revolver. Another good Sunday morning at Red’s indoor range in Pflugerville found both of us often hitting where we wanted the bullets to go.

Including his accuracy with the .38 which bucks so hard it hurts the pocket between my thumb and forefinger if I don’t grip it right. We wrapped up the day checking out one of the shop’s Henry lever-action .22 rifles. As Mr. B. says, we’re almost ready to move up to a long gun (well, he is) and the Henry appeals.

Though, personally, I prefer a hand gun.

Hitting the black

Our last outing at Red’s indoor range in Pflugerville, Mr. B. put four .22 rounds in the black bull’s eye. Obviously improving on our semi-auto Ruger pistol.

Still has trouble with our double-action, Smith & Wesson .38 revolver and its bigger kick, but we’re working on it.