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President Fail’s token commie

The headline is author Kurt Schlichter’s bet on who our Little Barry Hussein will nominate to replace newly-deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He whose strict constructionism of the increasingly ignored U.S. Constitution has helped keep the Socialist Democrat Party from imposing more nonsense on us than they already have.

“The next president will appoint Justice Scalia’s replacement, and thereby determine whether the Supreme Court will remain a bulwark of liberty or a tool of liberal fascism – that is, assuming that sad sack Mitch McConnell stays sacked up and refuses to allow a vote on whatever token commie Obama decides to nominate.”

The Democrats have always denounced any Republican president’s bid to nominate a justice during a presidential election year. Not that they believe such should apply to them. So it’s up to the Republican majority Senate (and its Obama toady McConnell) to deny what Schlichter calls “President Fail’s Che-loving creep.”

Even if he does, if the Hildabeast or Bernie win the White House, you can bet it’ll be a nominee of similar ilk. Perhaps even Barry Hussein himself. Gasp.

Via Instapundit.