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IDF Sgt. Nissim Sean Carmeli, R.I.P.

Sergeant Carmeli, a native of South Padre Island, on the Gulf Coast in South Texas, was one of two Israeli Americans killed fighting in Gaza on Sunday.

Nissim, 21, who had moved to Israel from Texas in 2010, was an infantryman in the elite Golani Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces.

UPDATE: He “was an example of a new and increasingly common breed of lone soldier — a native Hebrew speaker with Israeli parents who chose to move abroad in pursuit of business opportunities, but instilled a strong sense of Israeli identity in their children, so strong that they choose to return to Israel and serve in the IDF rather than attend university overseas.”

MORE:  Astounding estimates of 12,000 to 20,000 people attended his funeral services in Haifa. Reflecting the love Israelis have for their young defenders.

Another Texas lighthouse

PortIsabelTXThis one’s inactive, in Port Isabel,  just a few miles from the Mexican border, across the causeway from South Padre Island. Photo by Larry Weiss.