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Mr. Boy in Aggieland

He’s solo at a two-day new student conference, the way he wanted it. A reminder that my parents weren’t involved in my college career except to pay most of the bills. As I will be doing for him.

I wonder whether Mrs. Charm would have insisted on joining him? No matter. She’s there in spirit.

UPDATE:  He cut it short, coming home in the early afternoon on the second day. Said he has his class schedule for the year and everything else he needs. Except textbooks, I imagine.

The 12th Man vs the 12th Imam

While they’re busy building nuclear bombs under an appeasing American president’s new agreement, the Iranian mullahs need to finally own up to a flaw in their theology.

Their hidden 12th Imam is a corruption, a foolish misunderstanding of the 12th Man at Texas A&M University. That’s why the 12th Imam is hidden. He’s a long way away from Iran.

Now that they’ll be getting all the nukes they want, plus billions of American dollars to help them buy conventional arms to keep up the terrorism they support worldwide, the least they can do is admit their theological mistake.

It’s time for them to bow to the superior Aggie concept of the 12th Man.

Aggie farms-to-forest plan typical

I usually like Aggies, but I have to admit they come up with some harebrained schemes. It wasn’t enough that their football team had to fumble its way to embarrassment the other night against Georgia. Now I discover they’re trying to stop global warming by proposing to convert farmland to forests.

Yep. Well, I guess to them it makes sense. After all, their meteorology department (the only one in Texas that graduates weather warriors) is wholly in the bag with AGW. So it figures other Aggie researchers would be looking for solutions. But eliminating farmland? That seems a little extreme. The ag industry lobby apparently is not amused and has set Barry’s ag secretary to backfilling. He’ll turn this sucker around. You betcha.

12th Man or 12th Imam? You decide.

While the mad Iranian president hosts his make-believe conference of the history-challenged discussing whether the Holocaust actually occurred, Roger L. Simon has come up with a brilliant idea: a counter symposium on whether the 12th Imam actually exists, or is this mythic religious figure proof of insanity in his believers–like the president of Iran? We already know he’s mad.

I have just the venue, the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. Because it could be that a tragic misspelling has been at work here all along. In other words: is the 12th Imam a genuine religious figure? Or merely the misunderstood 12th Man of Texas A&M University football?

Will the 12th Imam (12th Man?) make an appearance at the 50 yard line at the upcoming game when Texas A&M surely will beat California? Will the mad president of Iran be in a luxury box? Will he be suited up in maroon to step in to aid the team? Or are his followers just maroons? Watch the game Dec. 28 and find out!