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Repeat of 1981 flood possible

A good chance of rain is forecast today and every day of this Memorial Day weekend. It’s normal for us to get a lot of rain around this time of year and, for those of us old enough to remember, to think of 1981. And this year we’ve already had more than a normal May’s worth of rain and the ground is saturated.

So it’s logical to expect something resembling the flood of 1981. It won’t take the 11 inches in three hours of that downpour to sent creeks and streams out of their banks this time. They’re already almost as high as their banks.

We’re definitely expecting a repeat of the Back Forty’s infamous waterfall. Pretty but worrisome as the water from it rises across the patio toward the sliding glass doors of the family room. Once again, they will be barricaded by unused floor tile and, this time, by a large framed photograph of a gas station (don’t ask, I don’t know why) my brother-in-law sent me years ago. Finally some use for it, freeing up space in the garage for something prettier.

UPDATE:  We’re under a flash flood watch for the weekend.

MORE:  If you want to help with the larger disaster around the Austin area, including Wimberley’s devastation in Hay’s County, my favorite charity is the Salvation Army which has no high-paid administrators and dispatches feeding canteens to shelters. They don’t push religion, they just help. You can donate online at http://www.salvationarmyaustin.org

When it’s flooding down in Texas

When the waterfall started shortly after 2:30 a.m. last night, the rain kept pouring down, and the radar showed more red and yellow coming, I started erecting a spare floor-tile barrier against the outside of the sliding glass door to the patio and shoving towels against the door on the inside.

Saved the interior okay, but spent an hour from 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. searching up and down adjacent streets for our big wheeled recycling bin which had disappeared from the curb out front. Never did find it. Awoke to find Mrs. Charm had discovered it washed across the street, over about thirty yards of the neighbor’s front lawn and fetched up against their back fence.

Could have been worse. More rain already this evening and more forecast overnight. The radar shows plenty of red and yellow mostly green and yellow on the way. We’ll wait for our waterfall to renew itself before we panic. At least we’ll know where to look for the recycle bin.

UPDATE:  We were spared a repeat. Looks like G-town, however, well north of the rancho, got more.

Rancho waterfall

Had a repeat the other day of last summer’s stone-steps waterfall in the back forty. Last July it took nearly ten inches of rain over several days to form the waterfall.

This week just 2.5 inches of rain did it, concentrated into a downpour of little more than one hour. Just like last time, I used six big ceramic floor tiles (left over from a previous job and stood up against the doors) to divert the stream from the glass doors to the patio. Worked fine, sending the big river curving away in a fish-hook shape. Only had a few soaked towels inside as a result.

Texas flood

Waterfall at the rancho, where the ground is saturated after almost ten inches of rain this month. Hence when it rained again yesterday, this is what we got: a waterfall off the stone steps leading to the back forty.

Typical Texas drought buster: a flood. In the making, anyhow. Time will tell.

UPDATE:  The rain quit for a week. The ground is drying. The grass is tall, but there’s no more risk of flooding, much less another waterfall like this one.