Repeat of 1981 flood possible

A good chance of rain is forecast today and every day of this Memorial Day weekend. It’s normal for us to get a lot of rain around this time of year and, for those of us old enough to remember, to think of 1981. And this year we’ve already had more than a normal May’s worth of rain and the ground is saturated.

So it’s logical to expect something resembling the flood of 1981. It won’t take the 11 inches in three hours of that downpour to sent creeks and streams out of their banks this time. They’re already almost as high as their banks.

We’re definitely expecting a repeat of the Back Forty’s infamous waterfall. Pretty but worrisome as the water from it rises across the patio toward the sliding glass doors of the family room. Once again, they will be barricaded by unused floor tile and, this time, by a large framed photograph of a gas station (don’t ask, I don’t know why) my brother-in-law sent me years ago. Finally some use for it, freeing up space in the garage for something prettier.

UPDATE:  We’re under a flash flood watch for the weekend.

MORE:  If you want to help with the larger disaster around the Austin area, including Wimberley’s devastation in Hay’s County, my favorite charity is the Salvation Army which has no high-paid administrators and dispatches feeding canteens to shelters. They don’t push religion, they just help. You can donate online at

3 responses to “Repeat of 1981 flood possible

  1. sennacherib

    I was dead in the middle of that 81 business, driving up Shoal Creek going north. Even though I had a 4wd I had to drive in people’s front yards to get enough height for the truck. In one place it supposedly rained 9 inches in 38 minutes, one hellava storm.

  2. Brazos is bank full, down here, and a foot or so over flood stage at Rosenberg.

  3. So far the Colorado is not particularly high and LCRA is not planning any releases from the dams. I drove over Shoal Creek the other day and it was just a few feet below the banks, which is very high for it. Radar has shown several storms headed our way since midnight Friday but they’ve been moving fast and left little behind. More on the way, though.