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My indie short-story collection, Leaving the Alamo, Texas Stories After Vietnam, is now on Smashwords in multiple ebook formats, such as Stanza and Sony, at $2.95. Meanwhile, I’m shifting the paperback version from POD distributor Lulu to CreateSpace where it is suffering birthing pains at the moment. The print shift should mean more sales and a little bit more revenue, assuming my new marketing/advertising campaign keeps producing the orders that have been trickling in to the Lulu version for the past few weeks.

Nice review

More or less. Well, just four words, actually. But coming from Marc Leepson, arts editor of the Vietnam Veterans of America’s VVA Veteran magazine, they were aimed right at the target audience: Vietnam vets.

"…a first-rate collection…" he wrote in the January/February issue of my 16-story "Leaving the Alamo, Texas Stories After Vietnam," which is thumbnailed over on the sidebar, at the top, courtesy of Amazon.com. Hasn’t produced a sale yet, but after being ignored by POD-dy Mouth the print-on-demand world’s most famous reviewer, it was a lift, anyhow. Try it, you might like it. Professionally-edited and just a hair over $8. How can you miss?

UPDATE  Well, it was just over $8, then the print-on-demand house, Lulu, repriced it, so now it’s $10.78. Still a bargain, I think.