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The Crying Police Chief

Austin’s chief Manley wasn’t so manly in a presser yesterday evening. In discussing an apparent protester critically injured by an errant bean bag round, Manly broke down several times. Strange behavior for law enforcement. So was some Austin officers kneeling with protestors.

Is this the face of policing to come? Or at least progressive policing in Democrat cities like Austin? Those mayors, like Austin, didn’t rush to anything else except tear gas and non-lethal (but seriously injurious) ammunition to break up passive-aggressive crowds, here blocking I-35 and getting unruly in front of police headquarters. Mayor Adler says no one wants a curfew. Probably wouldn’t be enforceable anyway and just make the authorities look weaker.

So far progressive policing has produced someone’s burned-out car,  the looting of half a dozen stores, and the attempted looting of others, their owners’ livelihoods sacrificed in the name of what? Fewer injuries? Even if some are critical? No dead cops here yet. There is that.

Via local news outlets