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CNN is deader than dead last

“How can words convey just how pathetic CNN’s numbers are? You’re talking about a national network, with anchors earning millions annually, supported by a vast staff of reporters, producers, editors and technicians. And at 8 a.m. ET, Camerota and Berman are viewed by an audience of 567,000. By comparison, Olivia Jade Giannulli, the vapid airhead whose mother cheated to get her into college, has 1.9 million YouTube subscribers. That’s right — this idiot teenager can post a makeup tutorial that gets more than twice the viewers of CNN’s New Day.”—-The Other McCain, inventor of Rule 5

Uh, make that more than three times the viewers of Fake News.

Via Instapundit

On courage

No point in getting your nose in a wrinkle over Wormtongue and his minions.

“Keep your powder dry, and let’s stick it to the incumbents at the election next year, Americans,” says Smitty at The Other McCain.

Indeed, voting (every chance you get) to turn out incumbents is the only term limits policy that really counts. And the only chance we have to get rid of some of these lyin’, stealin’, Constitution-violating bastards.

If we only succeed in replacing them with others of the same stripe, at least we limit the amount of time they have to get up to mischief. And voting Republican, by the way, is the only way to insure that the snooze media will do any part of its journalism job. They rarely scrutinize Democrats.

Seven million hits

Not me, alas, still parked at not quite 230,000 after five years. No, the seven million mark goes to the inventor of Rule 5, Stacy McCain. He’s a lot more consistently political than this here blog, but he deserves his seven million visits for the invention of Rule 5, alone.


Rule 5: Alizee