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The Democrat economy still sucks

That’s over all, country-wide. Some states, such as Texas, are enjoying a much better one. Which is no surprise, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Employment, state GDP, labor-law and tax data from 2000 to the present yield two strong lessons. First, a business-friendly climate—market-oriented labor policies and lower taxes—is effective in raising the growth in a state’s gross domestic product and employment. Second, states that suffered the worst employment shocks in the 2007-09 recession had the most rapid post recession employment growth. This suggests that the weak national recovery cannot be explained by the depth of the recession.”

More likely, as we’ve said before, the weak recovery is due to higher federal taxes and particularly the kind of constant uncertainty that comes from Our Little Barry Hussein and his Democrat Party’s bashing big business and promising ever-higher minimum wages, both sure ways to keep employment stagnant. Except in those states where other advantages balance them out.