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The Democrat economy still sucks

That’s over all, country-wide. Some states, such as Texas, are enjoying a much better one. Which is no surprise, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Employment, state GDP, labor-law and tax data from 2000 to the present yield two strong lessons. First, a business-friendly climate—market-oriented labor policies and lower taxes—is effective in raising the growth in a state’s gross domestic product and employment. Second, states that suffered the worst employment shocks in the 2007-09 recession had the most rapid post recession employment growth. This suggests that the weak national recovery cannot be explained by the depth of the recession.”

More likely, as we’ve said before, the weak recovery is due to higher federal taxes and particularly the kind of constant uncertainty that comes from Our Little Barry Hussein and his Democrat Party’s bashing big business and promising ever-higher minimum wages, both sure ways to keep employment stagnant. Except in those states where other advantages balance them out.

Jesse Jackson and the Internet

Chicago’s famous race pimp and Wormtongue crony is lobbying the FCC for his preferred form of Net Neutrality, which ought to be a tip-off that still more obnoxious Democrat regulation of all our lives is just around the corner.

But stay calm. It was always a matter of time before the pols got their grimy paws on the Internet to create opportunities for themselves. Graft for them and their sock puppets like Jackson. That time seems to have almost arrived.


Runaway trains sure to crash

The “runaway train” the Wall Street Journal called Obamacare in 2009, when it was still roaring down the tracks to passage, all 1,990 pages of it. It might well be, said the Journal’s editorial writers, “the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced….eventually all medicine will be rationed via politics.”

And then it passed with only Democrat votes in the face of the polled opposition of a majority of the country. Then its Web site crashed, because it was a joke. (So is the new one.) Then people who already had private health insurance began to lose it because it didn’t meet the “standards” of Obamacare, including such things as birth control pills and abortions for everyone, including children and the elderly.

Finally more than half the states refused to set up the exchanges the law required for Obamacare to “work.” Came the mid-term elections of 2014 and the voters got even: many of those same Obamacare-voting Democrats lost their seats in the House and Senate. They’re still acting like they don’t know what hit them.

Now the Supreme Court is poised to send the train onto a siding that will take it over a cliff and out of sight. Whew. Not that Wormtongue has learned anything. He’s apparently readying a whole new train to do something like it all over again, unilaterally this time, by giving 5 million, mostly Hispanic, illegal immigrants amnesty and work permits. Once more against the wishes of the polled majority of the country, many Democrats and almost all of the GOP.

If he sends the new train out of the station, his party will cringe and if they’re smart the elected ones will start making plans for new employment after 2016.

And then we may have a good chance that these two Progressive train crashes back-to-back will keep the Democrats from claiming the White House again for a generation. Bye, bye, Lizard Queen and Groper. Even with millions of apparent new amnesty voters on the Democrat side and graft in their pockets from the big corporations lobbying for the amnesty. Party of the people, yeah right.

The Democrat Depression, Part Deux

Wonder why we’re enduring a now 6-year jobless recovery and very likely even worse to come? Part of it, according to a new international tally, is because we are close to the worst among industrialized nations in our tax burden on business: 32nd out of 34. Only better than Portugal and France.

“Since capital is mobile and businesses can choose where to invest, tax rates that are too high ‘drive investment elsewhere, leading to slower economic growth,’ as the Tax Foundation puts it.” Simple, really. Econ 101.

But don’t expect the Democrats to admit it. They love to tax. At least you can enjoy their rhetoric, if you don’t look behind the curtain. They’ll babble on about income inequality and how they’re going to punish those nasty one percenters who’re taking their investments elsewhere.

Feel better? They hope so. While always keeping their hands out under the table.

Via WSJ.

Code of silence

I wasn’t impressed with Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly’s interview of the president. O’Reilly wasn’t very well prepared to duel with a pathological liar who was bound not to tell the truth. He never has before.

Indeed, Wormtongue smiled and smiled as he claimed there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” at his IRS, and O’Reilly’s best response was to toss out a few flustered non sequiturs.

He should, of course, have then asked why Worm’s former IRS director of tax-exempt organizations, Lois Lerner, invoked her Fifth Amendment right not to testify before a House committee last spring? We all know what we should have said or done, but, unlike O’Reilly, we’re not paid to query criminal politicians.

Via Instapundit.

How Obumbles killed the economy

It ain’t rocket science.

“When businesses are uncertain about taxes, health-care costs, and regulatory initiatives, they adopt a cautious stance. Because it is costly to make a hiring or investment mistake, many businesses naturally wait for calmer times to expand. If too many businesses wait to expand, the recovery never takes off.”

Nor is it likely to as Obamacare comes online, increasing uncertainty.

The author of the piece blames both sides, though I think Obumbles deserves the lion’s share.  I suppose, however, that by not fighting harder against the Dumbocrats, the Elephants must share the blame.

Via The Wall Street Journal

UPDATE:  I can’t post this excerpt of Ted’s marathon too often and it fits here because it shows how Obozocare is killing jobs all over the country. Do the Democrats care? That’s a rhetorical question.

Rule 5: Mary Kissel

I could watch Mary all day, even when she’s not hosting the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal Live on the Web, which is the only time I see her.