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Hurray for Pallywood

I’m still waiting for Flat Fatima to make her appearance, though as long as the bloodthirsty religious fanatics of Gaza have real dead children to photograph they won’t need to bring out cardboard Fatima, Rage Boy, and fake wounded in ripped clothes.

But they’ll do it if they have to. Got to keep up the “wretched Palestinian” narrative for the credulous Presbyterians, United Methodists and assorted academic Leftists with short memories. They have lots of throw-down dolls to scatter amongst the wreckage for the Western photogs to snap for instant tragedy.

I worked with an American photographer years ago (before I became a recovering journalist) who kept a throw-down doll in his trunk for natural disasters and fires when no other presented itself. His was scuffed and had a missing foot. Pallywood frequently forgets and uses new ones. But his real specialty was seating survivors under age 10 in the wreckage and speaking mournfully to them until they cried. Nothing like a real tear glistening on a smooth, pre-adolescent cheek. Once the acne comes in it’s not so effective.

Pallywood also will manufacture such opportunities when they fail to present themselves. Back during the Lebanon deal an al Reuters fellow-traveler working in the darkroom tried to make Beirut look more devastated by doubling and tripling the smoke plumes. He didn’t bother to edit them; they were obviously exactly the same and so he got caught.

If the Palestinians put even a quarter of the effort they put into this poop doing things entrepreneurial, they might all be rich instead of depending on UN and Presbyterian charity and being led by crooks like Abbas and Hamas who steal the charity to live high while their “constituents” scrape by, too wrapped up in their hatred of Jooz to rebel or to get the hell out.

Via Simply Jews and Phase Line Birnam Wood.