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Tidbit remodel guy

…is due in an hour or so. Unclear to me whether this is for an estimate or actually getting the work done. Will find out. And Bar has a job interview (via Skype or some such) in the early afternoon. Busy day ahead.

UPDATE:  Tidbit done, expensively, but I couldn’t risk stringing fairy lights across a 15-foot-tall back porch with my balance problems, rehanging a window screen in scorpion heaven (i.e. a rock shelf), hanging two large mirrors correctly and drilling straight holes for ceramic pull knobs on kitchen cabinets. All done. The fairy lights (miniature LED Xmas lights) look cool on this overcast day. Bar’s work is yet to come.

MORE:  Bar says her interview went well. Results next week.

Tidbit remodels

Got a handyman coming Friday to hang two living room mirrors, drill holes in kitchen cabinets for ceramic pull knobs, string fairy lights on the back porch and retrieve a screen fallen off a window and rehang it.

Meanwhile the neighbor’s re-modelers are putting down hardwood flooring and making plenty of noise doing it. I guess they’re not really tidbitting.