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Put it in neutral, stupid

The key to solving these alleged runaway Toyotas with their supposedly stuck accelerator pedals, is to shift the transmission into neutral. Let the engine race, if it will, while the car slows down until you can pull over.

Instead, this latest fellow reportedly told the 911 dispatcher he was afraid to do that ’cause the car “might flip.” Huh? How could it? Nothing like a little (apparently) panic to ensure your fifteen minutes of fame. And keep the pols and GM happy.

Toyota’s real crime: Being No. 1

And, as far the Dem congress is concerned, it’s that they’re also non-union:

“Don’t let Tojo turn you into a unwitting freeway kamikaze for the ‘Divine Emperor’! At the U.S. Department of General Motors, our G-Men are working ’round the clock to stop Jap sneak attacks on America’s publicly owned automotive industrial arsenal. But here on the home front, America’s vehicular victory requires the vigilance of regular Joes and Janes like you. Together we can Shun the Huns and Nip the Nips, and send ’em packing their non-union Priuses back to Yokohama!”

And if Iowahawk’s humor doesn’t convince you, try Car and Driver.

Car shopping

The insurance company has retired my old Jeep Cherokee Laredo, after I rearended a Chevy last week climbing winding RR (Ranch Road) 2222 in a blinding rainstorm. The latest storm in our crazy year of rain. I wasn’t hurt, or the people in the Chevy. But the insurors declared the Jeep a total loss, although it isn’t obviously so. It being fifteen years old, however, the repair estimate was a higher percentage of the market value than allowed. I think I’ll go for a Toyota or a Honda this time. But giving up the Jeep is hard. We brought Mr. B. home in it, a few days after he was born in 2000. He’s used to it, we’re used to it. It’s like losing a member of the family.