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How Obumbles killed the economy

It ain’t rocket science.

“When businesses are uncertain about taxes, health-care costs, and regulatory initiatives, they adopt a cautious stance. Because it is costly to make a hiring or investment mistake, many businesses naturally wait for calmer times to expand. If too many businesses wait to expand, the recovery never takes off.”

Nor is it likely to as Obamacare comes online, increasing uncertainty.

The author of the piece blames both sides, though I think Obumbles deserves the lion’s share.  I suppose, however, that by not fighting harder against the Dumbocrats, the Elephants must share the blame.

Via The Wall Street Journal

UPDATE:  I can’t post this excerpt of Ted’s marathon too often and it fits here because it shows how Obozocare is killing jobs all over the country. Do the Democrats care? That’s a rhetorical question.