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Reprise: The disappearance of American military service

A bit of Veterans Day insight, just one day late. Sorry about that:

I would not especially care to see the return of the Draft, which caught me just days after my college graduation in 1967 and sent me to war in 1969-70 and home again to job discrimination and psychological abuse.

The draft was inequitable then and likely would be again, but it would spread the burden among more of the educated than volunteering does now, to the detriment of those who do serve and, yes, even those who do not.

“The loss of the martial virtues weakens an entire culture. Whole generations begin to rate themselves too special, ‘with a special kind of hide to be saved,’ as Gen. Savage puts it in Twelve O’Clock High, to risk their careers, let alone their lives, for their country.”

Insight from an academic blogger who burned his draft card back in the day and now regrets his youthful arrogance. At least he’s not a wannabee politician lying about serving when he didn’t. A too-common phenom these days.