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Stupid temperature tricks

Watts Up With That documents yet another (number 85, in fact) lazy, half-witted location for a weather service temperature guage. You know, the dandy devices that keep assuring us we’re all going to die from AGW unless we turn our money over to Al Gore? Something tells me the best antitode antidote for run-a-muck government, for once, may be a book – and old-fashioned revolution.

The shrinking heliosphere

Nevermind global warming and rising seas, kiddies. The sun’s protective bubble around the solar system has lost twenty-five percent of its size in the past decade and it’s still weakening.

You can cap and trade carbon dioxide until you know what freezes over, but unless this heliospheric shrinking is cyclical, the knowledge of which is just out of our reach, we’ve got a big problem, Houston. Can you say DNA-destroying radiation?

Sunspot, or not?

NASA says observers are seeing the birth of a true sunspot on the sun’s face, the first of its kind since the solar minimum began in January. That should alleviate any concerns about a new Ice Age coming in the years ahead. But some worriers say it’s really too soon to tell if this spot will grow and last or merely fade like others of its class have done.

UPDATE:  The Seablogger prefers to call it a "sun-sputter," and, indeed, the day after the announcement, it’s almost gone. Meanwhile, NASA held a presser to announce the sun’s output of solar wind is at a fifty-year low. What that means for us, they didn’t say, except that more cosmic rays will get into the inner solar system. There is a theory about the rays, however, which calls global warming into question.

Global warming snickup

Too funny. How not to measure temperature for the historical climate record. Yet, this is the way the feds do it. Al Gore? You need to look into this slap at global warming. Maybe re-edit your faulty biopic?