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History lesson for Al Gore

“The Great Hurricane of 1780, also known as Hurricane San Calixto, the Great Hurricane of the Antilles, and the 1780 Disaster is the deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record.

“Over 20,000 people died when the storm passed through the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean between October 10 and October 16. Specifics on the hurricane’s track and strength are unknown since the official Atlantic hurricane database only goes back to 1851.”

This was long before carbon dioxide from fossil fuels began to accumulate in the atmosphere. Hurricane Katrina, et al, have been pikers by comparison.

More Texas drought ahead

Drought is normal in Texas, but this certainly is overdoing it. Especially with the fires—though it should be said they are more a matter of modern population density than anything else. Some people are comparing it all to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

More accurately, if less commonly known, it’s an analog of the terrible Texas drought of the 1950s—long before the greenhouse effect/global warming/climate change was a money-making gleam in Al Gore’s cynical eye. Which means it will continue for a while, at least through this winter.

The Day After Tomorrow? Nope

Boo-hoo. Hollywood strikes out again. Its 2004 climate-change doom-and-gloom flicker, “The Day After Tomorrow,” predicting an ice age for Britain and Europe thanks to global warming slowing the Gulf Stream ocean current, isn’t surviving scientific scrutiny. What small changes there’ve been in the Atlantic current since sat inspections began in 1993 apparently are only part of a natural cycle.

Via Snoopy The Goon.

“The Warmest October in Human History”

That’s this year, according to NASA’s shrill sign-waving climate "scientist" James Hansen, and it was the opening line of the Copenhagen climate conference. As if the gang that couldn’t keep from destroying two space shuttles, killing everyone aboard including a school teacher they recruited for the privilege, could possibly know what happened to the October temperature in All. Of. Human. History.

Is that unfair? Maybe. But their "warmest October in human history" prompts it because the claim is so obviously stupid. Better to say, to paraphrase Accuweather meteorologist Joe Bastardi: [It’s] "the warmest you ever measured with the way you measured it." Which is a lot more accurate, but not sufficiently alarming, apparently. Not enough to keep the grant money flowing to sustain the bureaucracy they created getting to the moon. For what? To come home and trash the enabling technology and never go again.

SciFi writer Jerry Pournelle, likewise, is skeptical: "…few of us would have thought that last October was all that warm. Didn’t seem that warm to me, and my impression from the radio and TV was that it was actually pretty cold." Moreover, others were finding a flaw in the data. It was cool enough in Texas, in a precursor to our latest early winter–now into the start of its third week of overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. Which is unusually cold for us this time of year. The "sleeping" sun seems a lot more potentially devastating to me than any supposed rise in sea level fifty years from now, according to, ahem, the famous crockumentarian Al Gore.

Bastardi again: "Go look back through all the data, and understand that you can’t measure at the time of Rome, or the Vikings, or the Great Depression, the way you measure things now… Al Gore, who doesn’t have the guts to debate anyone on this issue, a man who may soon be a carbon billionaire, is claiming people who are fighting him are in the pockets of polluters. You do the math."

More Kilimanjaro rubbish


That’s the trouble with the global warm-mongers. You can shoot down their arguments time and again and they just keep recycling them. Comes now an Ohio State researcher riding Al Gore’s favorite pony in claiming that global warming is doing in the glaciers on the famous African mountain. Only problem is there’s been no global warming for more than a decade.

That’s why the warm-mongers have taken to calling it "climate change." Get it? Anthony Watts shot this one down just last year, with data from a Harvard researcher, among others. Can you say: evapotranspiration impeded by deforestation from intensive farming? Sure you can. Fortunately, Watts is game to explain it once again, and with two new contradicting studies.

Dispelling the AGW myth

Well, trying to, anyhow, before Barry & Co. further ruin the economy with cap and trade.

I have meteorologist friends whose opinions I respect on most things weather subjects who solemnly believe the global warming stuff. But, try as I may, I just can’t accept the idea that puny man could be damaging the whole planet — especially not with a gas which trees and plants need to grow. I do not trust the UN, and the so-called climate models, backed by shrill alarmists like Al Gore and James Hansen, have just never impressed me. There’s too much evidence against them.

Global warming not human fault

Oops, another dissenter. This time the dean of hurricane forecasters, Colorado State University storm prognosticator William Gray, who says not only are we unlikely to be causing global warming, but what there is of it is unlikely to foster stronger hurricanes or destroy the earth.

Quick, Al, find someone to shut him up before he imperils your scheme. Unless you’re already too busy answering other dissenters. Maybe Barbara Boxer can handle this one.

Via Fresh Bilge, which led me to this lengthy, but readable, scientific argument against Anthropogenic (human-caused) Global Warming, which led to the link above on Gray.

UPDATE:  Oops is right. Now many of the American Physical Society’s almost 50,000 physicists also are out of Al’s and Barbara’s box. Oh, where will it end?

MORE:  Then, mirabile dictu, the physicists changed their minds, again, sort of. So the scheme is still, sort of, safe for now, Gorebot. But watch the gas guzzling, okay? It’s bad for your image, oh sainted one.