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AGW critic recovering

Turns out that scientist at the Copenhagen meeting who suffered a heart attack was Henrik Svensmark, author of a plausible book and much research behind it as to what (besides carbon dioxide), might be causing the global warming that may or may not actually be occurring.

Svensmark seems to be recovering from what seems to have been a malfunctioning pacemaker, according to this hard-to-read Google translation of a Danish newspaper account, posted by Anthony Watts. Svensmark believes that a lack of cosmic rays to provide the seed nuclei for the formation of clouds to keep the temperature low is behind whatever warming there is. Sol’s recent sleep apparently has upped the cosmic ray count, which Svensmark might say is bringing the recent early winters.

More Kilimanjaro rubbish


That’s the trouble with the global warm-mongers. You can shoot down their arguments time and again and they just keep recycling them. Comes now an Ohio State researcher riding Al Gore’s favorite pony in claiming that global warming is doing in the glaciers on the famous African mountain. Only problem is there’s been no global warming for more than a decade.

That’s why the warm-mongers have taken to calling it "climate change." Get it? Anthony Watts shot this one down just last year, with data from a Harvard researcher, among others. Can you say: evapotranspiration impeded by deforestation from intensive farming? Sure you can. Fortunately, Watts is game to explain it once again, and with two new contradicting studies.

Global warming snickup

Too funny. How not to measure temperature for the historical climate record. Yet, this is the way the feds do it. Al Gore? You need to look into this slap at global warming. Maybe re-edit your faulty biopic?