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Legalizing marijuana in Canada

Mr. B. was crowing the other day about how Canada is the first country to legalize marijuana. Hasn’t actually done so yet but is expected to soon. It fit with his belief that legal barriers will continue to fall and users and sellers will no longer be punished. Not by the law, at least.

I agree, and long have, that these mind-altering substances should be legal across the board. Government has no business telling us what to do with them and, certainly, their attempts to police it for the past few decades has been a failure. All that has done is create a vast network of prisons and young prisoners whose lives have, essentially, been ruined by the state. Plus raise the street price.

However, I know from long experience that children, whose brains are still developing, have no business with it, and shouldn’t be encouraged in any way to use marijuana. Even for adults it has two major drawbacks: 1) the more you do it the harder it is to stop and 2) it is one of the world’s greatest de-motivators. It will gradually quash whatever ambition you may have.

As for Mr. B., any thought that he has for doing pot is being tempered by the realization that his father and the parents of his friends are organizing to try and turn around what schoolkids hereabouts regard as “no big deal.” It’s a very bad deal for them and we want educators to place an onus on it similar to texting-and-driving and drinking-and-driving. But I’d still like to see the government and the police butt out.