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Obama’s terrorist ghostwriter

All politicians lie, that’s a given, but I can’t recall one who ever pretended that he wrote a book by himself, when he didn’t, and to compound the deception caused his name alone to be on the cover.

Except Barack Hussein Obama and his “Dreams From My Father,” the book that made some of the Democrat media (and, frankly, me as well) figure that here was a pol who really was a master of rhetoric. Of course his public speeches as president have put so many people to sleep no one is fooled any longer.

Yet the fiction of his solo authorship lives on, even though it’s been contradicted by celebrity author Christopher Anderson in his 2009 authorized (and fawning) “Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage.”

Wherein the author demonstrates (do a search there on Ayers and Dreams) how unrepentant 1970s terrorist (and longtime Obama neighbor, crony and babysitter of the Obama children) William Ayers contributed substantially to the writing of Dreams.

I suppose the main reason for not bringing all this up now—in addition to making Obama look more of a lying phony than he already does—is Ayers. Just the mention of the name could be toxic as the burlesque Obamalot tries to get re-elected.

The only name that might be worse would be Jeremiah Wright, the One’s racialist Chicago pastor.


The babysitter


B. Hussein Obama’s bud


The now-law-professor wife of B. Hussein’s former "business" partner, the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, when she was a fugitive in 1970. Barry has dismissed them as mere neighbors, a convenient prevarication just now begining to come unraveled.

Via LGF.