Dr. Obamacare says we should die at 75

Back in March, I reached the Psalmist’s milestone of three score and ten. By Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s measure, I should be ready for the grave in about 3.5 years. Or, should I say, the urn—as Mrs. Charm and I have opted for cremation and our (pre-purchased) cemetery plot so specifies.

Dr. Obamacare, as EE has been called for his contribution to that fiasco, says (Democrats always say) he will shuffle off his mortal coil at age 75 and it would be wise for the rest of us to do so as well—by such methods as declining to get flu shots. For the good of the country, you understand, the metaphorical “village” as another Democrat, a shrill harridan brimming with advice she never takes herself, has it.

I’ll believe Dr. O. when he (who is only 58) actually pulls the plug. The Democrat climate warriors, led by Al Bore, are full of advice for others while doing exactly nothing to mitigate supposed “climate change” themselves. Likewise, I suspect, with Dr. Obamacare’s advice. It is for thee and me, not for he.

As for me, I will (as always) put my fate in the metaphorical hands of G-d. Dr. Obamacare, quiet frankly, may go to hell. Whether at 75 or later is out of his hands, unless he plans to suicide. Easy to say, hard to do.

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Cool, wet summer equals hottest August ever?

NOAA and NASA say yes. NASA satellite data says no, the peak was actually in 1998. The agencies are part of you-know-who’s administration. The satellite data isn’t political. Not yet, anyhow. Adds so-called “flat-earther” Dr. Roy Spencer:

“The fortuitous revelation of record warm sea surface temperatures in August, only days before Climate Summit 2014, begs the question — why? Why were SSTs so warm? (Not “Why announce it just before Leonardo DiCaprio’s coronation?”)” The timing is obvious.

The Dictator’s Club (aka the UN), hosting Obozo’s climate summit on Tuesday (which will excuse our soon-to-be record-setting, further economy-killing electricity hikes), appointed the Hollyweird actor as its climate spokesfolk. Isn’t that special? And the federal lying, backing a president who can’t ever seem to tell, much less reveal, the truth, is no surprise. Adds Steve Goddard:

“Contrary to the spectacular ‘hottest August ever’ lies being propagated by NASA GISS and NOAA ahead of Obama’s climate conference – August was the coldest in five years and the second coldest in 10 years, according to far more accurate NASA satellite data.” It was, indeed, an unusually cool summer and a very wet August here in Central Texas.

Quick, one of you Democrat bureaucrats round up a tech to rejigger the sat sensors. The boss ain’t gonna like being contradicted by science.

UPDATE:  All those federal lies have produced a following, of course. The usual crowd of Marxists and assorted loons. DiCaprio wasn’t pleased when PJTV asked about his carbon footprint from his multiple private yachts and jets. Of course not. He and Al Bore want the rest of us to do without electricity and cars while their lives stay the same. It therefore should be no surprise that the climate warriors also were as trash-can challenged as any group of adolescents. 


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The parachuting tank

That, supposedly, is the Army’s latest dream vehicle. The writer is too young, apparently to remember the aluminum M551 Sheridans. They were particularly vulnerable to RPGs:

From Wikipedia: “It became a common scene [in Vietnam by 1971] to observe melted Sheridan hulls with their sunken steel turrets sitting at odd angles with their gun tubes pointing towards the sky in various parts of the country, either awaiting final disposition, or simply forgotten.”

But first, in late 1968, the Sheridan joined our Sixth Armored Cav collection of rag-tag tanks and APCs. It wasn’t parachuted in. It wasn’t so good at that, either.

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When it’s flooding down in Texas

When the waterfall started shortly after 2:30 a.m. last night, the rain kept pouring down, and the radar showed more red and yellow coming, I started erecting a spare floor-tile barrier against the outside of the sliding glass door to the patio and shoving towels against the door on the inside.

Saved the interior okay, but spent an hour from 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. searching up and down adjacent streets for our big wheeled recycling bin which had disappeared from the curb out front. Never did find it. Awoke to find Mrs. Charm had discovered it washed across the street, over about thirty yards of the neighbor’s front lawn and fetched up against their back fence.

Could have been worse. More rain already this evening and more forecast overnight. The radar shows plenty of red and yellow mostly green and yellow on the way. We’ll wait for our waterfall to renew itself before we panic. At least we’ll know where to look for the recycle bin.

UPDATE:  We were spared a repeat. Looks like G-town, however, well north of the rancho, got more.

Robbery at badgepoint

The Badge Gang never quits. Government-approved theft is their latest thing according to the Canadian Boadcasting Corporation which has issued a warning to Canadians not to carry any more cash into the U.S. than they’d care to lose to a cop:

“There’s a shakedown going on in the U.S., and the perps are in uniform. Across America, law enforcement officers — from federal agents to state troopers right down to sheriffs in one-street backwaters — are operating a vast, co-ordinated scheme to grab as much of the public’s cash as they can; ‘hand over fist,’ to use the words of one police trainer.”

It’s the assets confiscation racket of the drug warriors, apparently now being used in some states without charges or convictions. Texas is about average on assets confiscation abuse, but, to my knowledge, there’s no cash seizures without charges or convictions going on. If they ever do happen here, there’s going to be hell to pay.

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