Those charged Baltimore cops

I take heart from the fact that two of the six Baltimore cops charged with (or cooperation in) the killing of Freddie Gray are as black as Gray was , a third one is Hispanic and their accuser, a city prosecuting attorney, is herself at least half African-American.

Of course so much color in the story cripples the preferred Prog and Lefty narrative about white cops preying on black civilians, etc. Which is all to the good, since most of these approved narratives are bunk to begin with.

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Rockets Away

Quite a sight, Blue Origin’s first rocket launch southeast of El Paso off I-10 near Van Horn in far West Texas. It’s the latest example of the Lone Star rising.

With SpaceX’s new launch facilities at Boca Chica Beach on a sandy peninsula just east of Brownsville on the Gulf Coast, expected to be ready for Falcon Heavy launches in 2018, Texas will claim an ever-larger share of space commerce.

If the federal socialists can only control their desire to tax or regulate everything that moves.


Rule 5: Charlotte McKinney


“The common curse of mankind, – folly and ignorance”*

“The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) has released a report titled ‘The Unkindest Cut: Shakespeare in Exile 2015.’ According to the report’s author, Dr. Michael Poliakoff, only 4 out of the top 52 liberal arts colleges and universities in the country require English majors to take a course on Shakespeare. ‘If reading Shakespeare is not central to a liberal education, what is? For English majors to miss out is far worse. A degree in English without serious study of Shakespeare is like a major in Greek Literature without the serious study of Homer. It is tantamount to fraud…’ writes Poliakoff.”

You could say that about most non-STEM college degrees nowadays. I had two semesters of Shakespeare back in 1965-66 for my English degree. Best courses I took. From which I now know the source of so many catch phrases of modern English speech:

The lady doth protest too much; To thine ownself be true; The play’s the thing; All the world’s a stage; Brevity is the soul of wit; Now is the winter of our discontent; A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse; Off with his head!…etc.

Even to some minorities-soon-to-be-majorities, such losses are strange: White Man: Why Are You Giving Away Your Country?

*Troilus and Cressida, Act II, Scene III

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Saigon fell 40 years ago today


Most of my OCS classmates still consider the American war in Vietnam to have been a misguided intervention in a civil war. For my part I saw both confirmations and contradictions of American policy and practice, making me an outlier even among my peers. Let alone with scumbags like John Kerry, single-handed author in 1973 1971 of the baby-killer myth that still dogs some of us.

This photo goes with a WSJ opinion piece backing the still-disputed policy position that we were helping our South Vietnamese allies fight aggression from North Vietnam. You could, of course, call that a civil war, as well, since they were cousins. Although the war’s persistent critics tend to see the civil war in terms of the black-pajamaed Viet Cong, who were mainly Southerners.

My South Vietnamese militia companies in the northern part of South Vietnam in 1969, however, rarely fought the VC. Most of the time we were in contact with small units of uniformed North Vietnamese Army soldiers who generally inflicted more casualties on us than we did on them.

The WSJ piece also resurrects the idea that “historians generally agree” we were winning the war in its last years of our involvement before the Democrat congress (with the acquiescence of a Republican president) decided to bow to the anti-war protesters (people like Kerry and our probable next president Hillary Clinton) and cut and run.

I presume these historians base their conclusions on Pentagon statistics, some of whom were collected by young lieutenants like me in what was called the Hamlet Evaluation System. The monthly HES reports were supposed to measure civilian loyalty to the Saigon regime which was taken to be a metric of who was winning. My own reports were deemed too negative by my superior and were rewritten to reflect command optimism though only I had visited the hamlets in question. So I discount the claims of winning, at least in 1969, while agreeing that we were fighting aggression more than we were a civil war.

Does it matter after forty years? The WSJ author (a two-tour Army officer who went back as a civilian to help evacuate South Vietnamese orphans) says it does because it’s weakened U.S. standing in the world. It’s hard to see how it could be any weaker with our Little Barry as president. But we may not have had him at all without the cut-n-run four decades ago. We certainly would not have Mr. Baby-Killer himself for a U.S. Secretary of State.

As for us alleged baby-killers, we all became eligible for a shiny new medal in the early 1990s. The citation says that by countering Communist agression (North Vietnamese, VC, Russian, take your pick) we helped win the Cold War. How’s that for irony?

Monitoring the Worm’s Pentagon

The loony lefties at Salon (find it yourself, I hate even linking to them) already are sneering at the right-wing “lunatics” of Texas. But with President Worm you never know. He specializes in duplicity, after all.

So Gov. Abbott’s instructions to the Texas State Guard (largely a ceremonial unit) to keep an eye on those Pentagon “maneuvers” beginning in July at various places around the state seems sound to me. As well as amusing.

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Our Urban Dictatorship

Tired of Democrat presidents? Figure Godzillary’s a shoo-in for another eight years of the same ol’, same ol’? Well get used to it. The whole country outside the big cities can vote Republican and the Democrats will still get in.

“While there were 2,126 counties that voted Republican all four elections and only 461 that consistently voted Democratic, significantly more people live in those fewer — and more populous — Democratic counties. So there is a base of 132 million people (using 2014 population estimates for counties) that have backed Democrats four elections in a row. 117.2 million have backed the GOP.”

Read it all. And weep.