Ebola in Texas

First confirmed U.S. case. In Dallas, where else? Well, it could have been in Houston. And the feds are unprepared. Except in four states and, of course, Texas isn’t one of them.

Gee, I wonder how that happened. Eh, Barry? Open borders and no airline screening might have something to do with it. But, hey, we’re all sure taking our shoes off at the airport. Security theater plays on and on, as Ebola spreads.

N95 masks are selling really well at Amazon. Probably just a coincidence. And CDC protocols call for those exposed to be quarantined for 21 days. There’s an economy killer. Even better than “climate change.”

How to avoid Ebola: Among other things avoid people bleeding from the eyes. And be sure to stay away from Dallas. Could be smart to ignore Money Mag and avoid McKinney, too. Oh, and save those trash bags.

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The wallet biopsy

Yesterday’s bone-marrow biopsy for Mrs. C. only lasted five minutes but the setup, and the recovery from the “twilight” painkiller took several hours. And before she even was taken to surgery, the business office came to call.

Insurance, apparently, agreed to pick up 80 percent of the hospital’s costs but we paid the rest, and the wallet biopsy took precedence to the medical one. Can’t blame them. Nobody (except government) is in business to lose money.

Still to come, of course, are the costs charged by the doctor and nurses and drugs and etcetera. And more for today’s PET scan which looks to take most of the afternoon.

We get Wednesday off, then it’s back to the grind on Thursday. All this to decide whether (and how) chemo actually begins next week. Fight cancer, the unaffected always insist. If they only knew how wearying it is before the fight even begins.

Eat Mor Chikin

One reason your beef and pork prices are going up at the grocery is because Obozo and his green cronies are conspiring to raise electricity bills to fight non-existent climate change. The grocery is passing the higher cost on.

But Andy at MyOldRV, whose wholesaler recently alerted him to rising beef and pork prices even without the grocery middleman, has discovered another problem that’s apparently going under-reported.

“Cattle herds were depleted over the last two years as ranchers were forced to sell due to the drought. There was some sort of virus introduced into the pigs starting in North Carolina that they think came from China. It has since spread across the country and killed millions of piglets. I never saw it reported on the news.”

So, like the billboards say, “Eat Mor Chickin.” It’s likely to be the cheapest.

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Tentative smiles at the cancer center

Tentative smiles, that is, among the patients. The staff smiles until you wonder if their faces will crack open and their mouths fill with blood. We primary care-givers also smile tentatively, keying on our patients.

I’m a primary care-giver now that Mrs. Charm has been diagnosed with Stage III Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, DLBCL. Tentatively. Still awaiting results of this morning’s bone-marrow biopsy and this week’s PET scan to make sure it isn’t some other type of lymphoma. The lymphoma part is definite.

Infusion port to be installed in her upper chest soon for the chemo to begin (tentatively) week of Oct. 6. Drill thereafter is one six-hour day of infusion of R-CHOP (unlovely acronym) followed by three weeks of recovery.

Then another six hours of toxic infusions and so on for (ideally) about six months. Otherwise Mrs. C will not be among the 55-70 percent for whom R-CHOP works (for at least two years, hopefully longer) and then it will be on to the radiation and, probably even more tentative smiles as the burning further diminishes her health.

There’s little joy in Mudville, i.e. Rancho Roly Poly, these days. Mr. Boy (a new high school freshman) and I are hanging (appropriate word) in there. Tentatively.


Rule 5: Brooke Max


Movin’ to McKinney

The downside (for the rest of us) of McKinney’s top ranking in Money mag’s Best Places to Live feetch:

“Mark Strange, 41, who relocated from California two years ago for his job at Fossil, an accessories manufacturer, says that living downtown was a no-brainer for him, his wife, Patrizia Montanari, and their two young children. ‘It’s a mix of European, East Coast, and West Coast here,’ adds Mon­tan­ari, 36, a photographer. ‘You get culture and more country charm for less money than what you’d find in Dallas.’”

Some of us would never equate culture and Dal-ass at all, but I suppose if the Californicators and East Coast lefties must flock (like the sheep they are) to Texas in order to escape the Obama/Democrat Depression, the Dallas area is the best place for them.

UPDATE:  This kind of Dal-ass culture we could all do without: First U.S. case of Ebola. Lucky us.

The Eric Holder Sewage Plant

“Holder will be remembered as the most corrupt Attorney General in history and as the man who did the most to violate the civil rights of American citizens since the late FBI Director J Edgar Hoover. Despite his misconduct Hoover got a building named after him so at some future date I guess we’ll see the ‘Eric Holder Sewage Plant’ or some such construct. The Democratic and Republican crime gangs afford each other these little courtesies, after all.”

Well, so far as we know, Eric is not a cross-dresser like the old boss of Fart, Barf & Itch. But, then, there’s been no Republican Watergate to spur the recalcitrant snooze media into reporting on Eric’s private life. They have enough trouble reporting his public one. Don’t miss the photo at the link above of Eric probing his nose for a booger.

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UPDATE:  Holder was just the latest incompetent legal crony to hold the office. And the fact that he is one of the president’s closest friends tells you all you need to know about Wormtongue.