Watergate: No myth like an old myth

The “heroic journalist” narrative is nowhere as long-lasting or as duplicitous as the idea that the Democrat house-organ WaPo’s Watergate reporting brought down Republican President Nixon.

It focused attention on it, sure enough, as the newspaper would never have done to a Democrat president (think its dereliction with Wormtongue and the ongoing IRS scandal), but Nixon brought himself down when his audio-tapes were forcibly exposed, as historian W. Joseph Campbell makes plain.

Indeed, if Woodward and Bernstein had brought a similar story about Jimmy Carter or, heaven forfend, the immaculate-Yankee-Democrat JFK, their newly deceased editor Ben Bradlee would have immediately assigned both of them to writing wedding anouncements.

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Abbas’s 14th year of a 4-year term


Otherwise, silent as always about the latest Palestinian attack in J-Lem.

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Why leftists hate Fox News

Three news headlines from the same event:

Associated Press headline: Israel police shoot man in East Jerusalem

BBC headline: Nine hurt as car hits pedestrians at Jerusalem Station

Fox News headline: Palestinian driver kills baby at Jerusalem train station

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Westin: A hotel chain that needs boycotting

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles is set to host a boycott of Israeli academics by the American Studies Association, a group of college professors who study American history and culture. As such the hotel chain is poised to violate California’s civil rights laws pertaining to public accommodations such as hotel and restaurants.

The ASA, meanwhile, is turning linguistic somersaults trying to pretend it will not actually deny Israeli participation at its upcoming November conference at the hotel. The group, which has been censured by more than 250 American colleges and universities for its Israeli boycott, is claiming that it is only boycotting Israeli academic institutions, not individuals, and so long as individuals don’t claim to be representing those institutions, hey, they won’t be denied participation in the conference.

The twisted logic has succeeded in confusing the Jerusalem Post, but the law professors of the Washington Post blog the Volokh Conspiracy are not amused: “Per the ASA’s recently adopted policy, Israeli academics will be subject to unique exclusionary restrictions based on their national origin.”

The American Center for Law & Justice, meanwhile, is threatening to sue the hotel chain for violation of the California civil rights law, which is in essence a restatement of the landmark federal 1964 Civil Rights Act which ended legal segregation on the basis of race or national origin. A simpler, less expensive action would be to encourage everyone to refuse to do business with the Westin hotel chain so long as it plays at discrimination in its hosting policy.

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Panic Over Obola Not Ebola

SEE UPDATE BELOW: New Ebola case in New York City.

It’s our lying, incompetent louse of a president that has people fearful of Ebola. Because we know he and his bumbling, biased bureaucrats will do nothing about it expect lie and prevaricate. Or as Mark Bayless, a commenter at the Wall Street Journal put it:

“The problem is….a complete collapse in our tolerance for self serving governmental bureaucrats, starting with Obama.  His kids do not attend the wretched public schools he forces on the rest of us and they do not eat the gruel that his brain dead wife demands that our kids eat. His family is not subject to ObamaCare and will be protected, at great expense if necessary, from the threat of Ebola.  We have had enough of this double standard.”

And WSJ commenter Judy Smith: “What we’re afraid of is HIM.”

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UPDATE: And with very good reason, Judy. We have a newly discovered ebola patient in NYC, a doctor who should have known better after returning from West Africa. Instead, he rode the subway and went bowling in Brooklyn before he came down with 103 temperature. Now his girlfriend is quarantined and our brilliant federal health officials are canvassing his neighborhood for more victims. May it stay in the Northeast, thank you very much.

Vote fraud efficiency

In Cook County, Illinois, i.e. Chicago, voter fraud is down to a science. When you vote Republican, the voting software automatically switches your vote to the Democrat. Now why couldn’t they get those Obamacare web sites to work, eh?

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Dallas nurse infused with Ebola antibodies

Well, that’s my former-medical-writer conclusion after reading this old report about how American ebola survivor Kent Brantley has donated blood to three ebola patients, including Dallas nurse Nina Pham. At the latest report, she is in fair condition in a D.C.-area hospital, presumably part of the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, where she is Skyping her folks back home in Fort Worth.

I still don’t understand why they moved her up there when there are no specific treatments for ebola anywhere, it being a virus not a bacterium. Except for the transfusion of Brantley’s antibodies but that could have been done in Texas. Nor why it appears that Emory U. hospital in Atlanta—where infected Dallas nurse Amber Vinson was moved—recently released at least one secret, recovered ebola patient. How many more secret ebola patients are in the U.S.? I suppose President Obola’s no-medical-training, all-politics ebola “czar” will see to it that we won’t find that out until after the election. Politics being his obvious expertise.

Meanwhile at least 43 other quarantined people exposed to Vinson and Pham seem to have been released without any problems, though they did not do the whole recommended quarantine period of 42 days. The closed-for-cleaning Belton schools up the road from the Rancho also have reopened, which is encouraging.

So the Texas scare seems to be over for the present, thankfully, except for the usual scumbags concocting pitiless scams on Texas fears about it for their own pathetic amusement. May they rot in hell.

UPDATE:  And more good news. Dallas will no longer be initially receiving travelers from Ebola-outbreak countries in West Africa. Nor will any other Texas airport. Since Oct. 16, the federal DHS has quietly restricted them to JFK, Dulles, Newark, O’Hare, and Atlanta airports for screening before going elsewhere in the country. On the other hand:

“Can the Transportation Security Administration be reliably trusted to do health checks on inbound passengers from West Africa? The question answers itself. Hence the need for a travel ban.”