Mr. Boy is now a lifeguard

Yep, after five days of instruction, test-taking, rescue-practicing and how-to-avoid lawsuits, he got his city license and badge of office: a blue, plastic whistle. It makes my ears vibrate when he blows it.

Now he awaits appointment (probably in a week) to a public pool where 15-year-olds can work. Next summer he’ll be old enough to apply to private pools.

More cajones than me. At his age I did not have the self-confidence or the strength to even think about being a lifeguard. Best I could do was delivering newspapers and taking out trash cans for aging widows.

McCaul is just another RINO

Shoot, our very own District 10 Republican rep is trying to get the feds to create yet another expensive bureaucracy—more federal employees, more taxes, more regulations. Isn’t that a Democrat thing? It’s also a RINO thing.

“Now Rep. Michael McCaul wants to create a federal Office of Coordination for Countering Violent Extremism and house it at the Department of Homeland Security…the new bureau would be responsible for a range of activities, including ‘identifying risk factors that contribute to violent extremism in communities in the United States,’ [at] $10 million a year for the next five years, and a new post—the ‘assistant secretary for countering violent extremism’—would be created to run it.”

“Violent extremism,” by the way, is the Obama administrations preferred euphemism for the threat that dares not speak its name in his presence, i.e. the Muslim Jihad. And it’s so versatile. Whatever RINO McCaul’s intention is here, what do you want to bet this turns into an assault on gun owners, the Tea Party and any other group of conservatives the predominantly Democrat federal bureaucracy dislikes?

Thanks a bunch, Mike. We need to retire you ASAP.

Via Instapundit.

Barry throws the Kurds under the bus

Our Little Barry Hussein is outdoing himself on the world stage. First LBH, aka Wormtongue, tells us he’s fighting ISIS with all his might. Then we learn he’s actually pulling our punches. Now, as they wait for his pal Erdogan’s Turkish army to attack, the Worm  is blocking shipments of heavy weapons to the Kurds.

If the Kurds would just pull back a little from their successful assaults on ISIS and, not incidentally, dump their few Christians (as well as the ones who have fled to them from ISIS) and become pure Muslim, well… That might do it for our mendacious Democrat president. He’s always willing to help good Muslims.

Via Simply Jews.

Nicholas Winton: Righteous Gentile

Nicholas Winton, rescuer of children during the Holocaust, has died at 106. To Jews he was known as the British Schindler.

He was credited with saving, through his personal initiative, the lives of at least 669 boys and girls. For decades after the war, he kept his work secret.”

He regretted FDR’s refusal to help: ““If America had only agreed to take them, too, I could have saved at least 2,000 more.”

But, in addition to being an anti-Semite, Roosevelt was a wartime admirer of “Uncle” Joe Stalin whose hatred for Zionists was second only to his hatred for the Nazis.

Via Instapundit. Others, including Schindler, are remembered here.


Rule 5: IDF girl with gun


The begging intensifies

Not the street corner panhandlers for which Austin is infamous throughout Texas. No, I’m talking about the GOP pols running for president. They only had until midnight last night to meet a federal quarterly deadline for proving their candidacy’s financial viability and they were panicking. As I’m sure they will be next quarter as well.

Their begging emails were backed up by more emails from their wives and their supporters and on and on. I figure most of them already have more money than I do and so why should I dig into my pockets to pay for their ambitions? And it’s not just the Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Walker, Jindal and others who want my money. It’s the probable nominee Bush.

Bush, the GOP establishment’s understood, pre-primary anointed, whose family wealth certainly dwarfs mine. And whose father has a direct pipeline to Saudi money via his presidential library in College Station. I wouldn’t give you a nickle Jeb. Do it on your own or don’t do it at all.

Roughneckin’ in the patch

What I personally know of roughnecking wouldn’t fill a thimble. J.D., however, says as a kid he slept in the Doghouse while his father and other male relatives roughnecked the oil rigs. He pointed me to this good article in, of all places, National Review. Worth a look.

Reminded me of my dear grandfather who managed the oil trucks for the old Magnolia back in the ’30s, around Laredo, Alice and Freer. He cowboyed for a while near San Angelo but he was never a roughneck. I always understood that he admired some of them, though.

Via Mouth of the Brazos.