Democrats spike more jobs

Ever in search of votes from the uninformed, the Dumbocrats from Wormtongue on down have been busy championing hikes in the minimum wage. They always eliminate jobs, as employers seek to balance out their business models to fit the new new government regulations.

Comes McDonald’s hamburger joints with their balancing act: more automation. Soon you’ll be touch-screening away to order your burger-n-fries rather than talking to a live person. Until the Dumbos start calling for more pay for software.

Meanwhile the Queen of Benghazi, insisting that her party’s minimum wage goals won’t kill jobs, accurately assessed the state of the economy when she famously added “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

Certainly not anymore, thanks to her and her political cronies.

Via WSJ and Instapundit.

Ebola and the Democrats

Wormtongue’s party, having finished sneering at a Texas hospital’s handling of ebola, is frantically backing and filling, lying and denying, in order to deal with the virus lately surfaced in New York, the largest city they govern, and in nearby New Jersey, which is governed by a Rino who closely identifies with them.

Actually, once they all figure out how to most effectively cover their political asses, they’ll learn that the history of the disease in the U.S. so far is pretty good: One death in nine cases.

And those two Texas nurses are now among the recovered.

So far, so good.

My touchdown celebration favorite

Malcolm Brown, star running back for the Texas Longhorns and by all accounts a really nice guy, gets my vote for the most ingenious way of celebrating touchdowns. In particular one that doesn’t risk drawing a celebration or taunting penalty of lost yardage for his team.

Some touchdown makers leap and spin. Some throw a punch to the ground or to the air. Some salute the crowd or point to heaven as if to thank the lord. Some make a mock pulling open of their shirt as if to reveal their Superman costume underneath.

Malcolm’s is simpler and far more elegant: he uses his fingers to deftly brush imaginary lint or grass off his chest, as if to show that it really wasn’t all that hard. It’s always worth a smile.

Watergate: No myth like an old myth

The “heroic journalist” narrative is nowhere as long-lasting or as duplicitous as the idea that the Democrat house-organ WaPo’s Watergate reporting brought down Republican President Nixon.

It focused attention on it, sure enough, as the newspaper would never have done to a Democrat president (think its dereliction with Wormtongue and the ongoing IRS scandal), but Nixon brought himself down when his audio-tapes were forcibly exposed, as historian W. Joseph Campbell makes plain.

Indeed, if Woodward and Bernstein had brought a similar story about Jimmy Carter or, heaven forfend, the immaculate-Yankee-Democrat JFK, their newly deceased editor Ben Bradlee would have immediately assigned both of them to writing wedding anouncements.

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Abbas’s 14th year of a 4-year term


Otherwise, silent as always about the latest Palestinian attack in J-Lem.

Via Pat Condell.

Why leftists hate Fox News

Three news headlines from the same event:

Associated Press headline: Israel police shoot man in East Jerusalem

BBC headline: Nine hurt as car hits pedestrians at Jerusalem Station

Fox News headline: Palestinian driver kills baby at Jerusalem train station

Via Simply Jews

Westin: A hotel chain that needs boycotting

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles is set to host a boycott of Israeli academics by the American Studies Association, a group of college professors who study American history and culture. As such the hotel chain is poised to violate California’s civil rights laws pertaining to public accommodations such as hotel and restaurants.

The ASA, meanwhile, is turning linguistic somersaults trying to pretend it will not actually deny Israeli participation at its upcoming November conference at the hotel. The group, which has been censured by more than 250 American colleges and universities for its Israeli boycott, is claiming that it is only boycotting Israeli academic institutions, not individuals, and so long as individuals don’t claim to be representing those institutions, hey, they won’t be denied participation in the conference.

The twisted logic has succeeded in confusing the Jerusalem Post, but the law professors of the Washington Post blog the Volokh Conspiracy are not amused: “Per the ASA’s recently adopted policy, Israeli academics will be subject to unique exclusionary restrictions based on their national origin.”

The American Center for Law & Justice, meanwhile, is threatening to sue the hotel chain for violation of the California civil rights law, which is in essence a restatement of the landmark federal 1964 Civil Rights Act which ended legal segregation on the basis of race or national origin. A simpler, less expensive action would be to encourage everyone to refuse to do business with the Westin hotel chain so long as it plays at discrimination in its hosting policy.

Via The Volokh Conspiracy.