Repeat of 1981 flood possible

A good chance of rain is forecast today and every day of this Memorial Day weekend. It’s normal for us to get a lot of rain around this time of year and, for those of us old enough to remember, to think of 1981. And this year we’ve already had more than a normal May’s worth of rain and the ground is saturated.

So it’s logical to expect something resembling the flood of 1981. It won’t take the 11 inches in three hours of that downpour to sent creeks and streams out of their banks this time. They’re already almost as high as their banks.

We’re definitely expecting a repeat of the Back Forty’s infamous waterfall. Pretty but worrisome as the water from it rises across the patio toward the sliding glass doors of the family room. Once again, they will be barricaded by unused floor tile and, this time, by a large framed photograph of a gas station (don’t ask, I don’t know why) my brother-in-law sent me years ago. Finally some use for it, freeing up space in the garage for something prettier.

Miriam Carey is still dead

Every two-bit petty criminal who happens to be black gets the full snooze media treatment with walk-on parts by our Little Barry and his pal Al Sharpton. But when a young, law-abiding black mother is gunned down by a pack of wild police animals…Crickets.

Via Mouth of the Brazos

UPDATE:  Not too many have contributed to her legal fund, probably reflecting people’s ability to recognize futility when they see it. But I gave some and you should, too.

Muslim bomber’s mom wishes us in hell

“…the United States will burn ‘in the flames of an eternal and terrifying fire,’ says the observant Muslim mother of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the convicted Boston Marathon bomber who was sentenced to death but will probably never meet the hangman.

This is Little Barry’s Justice Department, after all. If they didn’t screw up the case so it will be overturned on appeal—a big if—their federal appeals judges will find a way to let him off with prison, until he’s eventually paroled.

“Predictably, [federal] prosecutors assured the public that the bombers were not motivated by religion—despite what the bombers themselves believed,” notes the Religion of Peace blog, in linking to this personal affirmation of Tsarnaev’s religious intent.

Much like the Fort Hood killer who shouted Alley Who Quackbar over and over as he pulled trigger but the feds ignored it and wrote off his crime as “workplace violence.” It’s their clarity of purpose that strengthens our religious enemies such as the ISIS terrorist army against our often hapless, secular defenders.

Which is why being armed is a very good idea these days.


Rule 5: Denise Bidot


Democrat chickens come home to roost

We’ve had troops in Germany since 1945. Troops in South Korea for sixty years. But the Democrats and their incompetent man-boy leader Little Barry couldn’t wait to cut-and-run from Iraq. They created the vacuum that gave rise to ISIS which has now taken back Mosul and Ramadi.

“The defeat is a major setback for the Iraqi government, which ordered a retreat to prevent a massacre of surrendering soldiers and their local tribal allies. If Iraqi forces can’t hold Ramadi, they are a long way from recapturing the city of Mosul, which has been under ISIS control for nearly a year.”

They’ll lose Baghdad next. Now all the families of the Americans who died capturing Ramadi will know what the families of dead Vietnam combat veterans felt when Saigon fell. How many more betrayals can American soldiers stand?

UPDATE:  As Ramadi falls, our Little Barry goes golfing. He has his priorities.

Go get ’em, Ted

Much as I like our senator Ted Cruz, I have to admit he has no chance of being nominated by the Republican Party for president in 2016. And he’s astute enough politically, I’m sure, to know that the Republican primary caucuses, which choose the nominee, are run by the party’s establishment and they have already chosen Jeb Bush.

So why is Ted running? Most pols would do it just to raise a big chest of campaign money they could then plunder for living expenses, careful to follow the letter of the (not-very-strict) campaign-money laws or flaunting it, as is their wont. Democrats aren’t often called on it. Being a Republican, Ted would be, so he’d probably be careful.

But I think Ted is unusually honest for a pol, and so he’s probably running not to fatten his wallet but to build up his name i.d. beyond Texas, while working behind the scenes to influence the party’s establishment for next time in 2020. After Jeb loses in 2016, which he surely will if the Hildabeast is his opponent. As now seems assured.

Wrestling with a marshmellow

Sometimes journalistic cliches just ricochet off my eyeballs and provoke a titter somewhere below my belly button. To wit this NYTimes revelation of new challenges (boo, hoo) for the drug police:

“Across the country, law enforcement agencies long accustomed to seizures of bagged, smokable marijuana are now wrestling with a surge in marijuana-infused snacks and confections transported illegally across state lines for resale.”

Next up for the SWAT team: raiding kindergarten lunch bags. In the schools which still allow confections. As opposed to the ones requiring Mooch’s carrot sticks.