The Democrat Depression, Part Deux

Wonder why we’re enduring a now 6-year jobless recovery and very likely even worse to come? Part of it, according to a new international tally, is because we are close to the worst among industrialized nations in our tax burden on business: 32nd out of 34. Only better than Portugal and France.

“Since capital is mobile and businesses can choose where to invest, tax rates that are too high ‘drive investment elsewhere, leading to slower economic growth,’ as the Tax Foundation puts it.” Simple, really. Econ 101.

But don’t expect the Democrats to admit it. They love to tax. At least you can enjoy their rhetoric, if you don’t look behind the curtain. They’ll babble on about income inequality and how they’re going to punish those nasty one percenters who’re taking their investments elsewhere.

Feel better? They hope so. While always keeping their hands out under the table.

Via WSJ.

Are video games a sport?

At least one, League of Legends, is. And varsity, at that. At least at one private university, Robert Morris, in Chicago. Why, they’re even offering scholarships.

Which I found Googling the title question after seeing it posed for an essay in Mr. B.’s high school English class. And I thought he’d been wasting his time all these months. ‘Course he is playing Call of Duty, which is not on the team. Yet.

Waiting for the new war in Iraq

Wormtongue’s attempt to whip ISIS with airstrikes is doomed to failure. Even World War II couldn’t be won from the air—except in Japan with nukes, which presumably even the mendacious Democrats aren’t craven enough to employ in Syria-Iraq.

So the ground troops the Progressives are avoiding sending back to Iraq (at least until after the November elections) are going to have to go back eventually. If ISIS only chose to burrow into urban areas (like Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Beruit) they could live through bombardment to fight another day.

Let’s just hope that, while we’re waiting for the tanks and troops to be sent back to the Iraq they should never have left in the first place, ISIS doesn’t acquire the weaponry to start shooting down our fighter-bombers and beheading a captured pilot or two.

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, in Britland, the delusion goes on: “Cameron described ISIS as ‘monsters’ and not Muslims because Islam is a religion of peace…” Oh, right. Sure doesn’t look that way in northern Syria just over the Iraqi border.


Rule 5: Candice Huffine


Longhorns fans: Say your prayers

I’ve been waiting all week to see if the daily’s sportwriters would ask Coach Metaphor why he just sat back and waited for his players to voluntarily spend some extra time watching film of BYU. Still hadn’t happened by Friday,this morning.

Like why he didn’t order them to do it, put up a roster for them to sign after doing it. I mean, what did he do other than put exhorting signs up in the locker room? Spend his time at the mall?

I have a bad feeling about the UCLA game tonight, as I think most Longhorns fans do. The Dallas Morning Snooze has already predicted worse luck for the Texas offense than the 41-7 drubbing they got from BYU. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

But I’ll say a few prayers and hope for better.

UPDATE:  Swoopes was much better this week until the 4th quarter pressure was on him and then UCLA won it late 20-17. (Unfortunately, he is no Kenny Hill.) Even with their star QB out injured, the Bruins had a penetrating ground game the Longhorns’ defense just couldn’t stop.

Is it okay to steal soap from hotel rooms?

Miriam of Miriam’s Ideas worries about this because of a family connection:

“One of my relatives who travels extensively has not bought soap in 20 years.  Apparently the complimentary soaps he takes from  hotel rooms fulfill the sanitary needs of his entire family.”

It’s a common behavior, apparently, since her post has drawn scores of hits, including mine. I always swiped the soaps when I traveled but I’d prefer to buy soaps than travel

Via Miriam’s Ideas.

Daniel Lewin: 9/11’s first casualty

He was one of the one percent, an Internet billionaire and former IDF army captain who was murdered fighting back on American Airlines Flight 11 before the terrorists flew it into the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

In previous years I’ve highlighted the “falling man,” the terror of leaping away from fire and falling so far to the pavement below. But Daniel Lewin’s story also is worth the telling and, even more important, the hearing.

It’s an Israeli as well as an American story. Daniel was a light unto the world.

Via United With Israel.

UPDATE: “And let us not forget the joy that gripped the PalNazis as word of the 9-11 attacks spread through East Jerusalem.” Scroll down at the link for the video of the street celebrations.