Choppers last at Radio Shack

Stopped off at our local Radio Shack the other day for a radio-controlled “toy” for the almost-15-year-old Mr. Boy who has been busy acing his first-semester high school freshman finals. Just for fun. Radio Shack, alas, is going out of business. The retail empire will be missed hereabouts and certainly in its home base of Fort Worth.

Anyhow, the RC vehicles were consequently marked way down, most at 50 percent off, some more. I got him an RC stunt car for $10. It’ll probably break pretty quick. Most of them do. Still be fun for however long it lasts.

Longer, I’m sure, than one of the twin-rotor choppers so popular the last few years. Until people figured out that, however cool they look, they are expensive to buy, hard to fly and easy to break. Mr. B. and I still have the two Mrs. Charm got us last year. Still in their boxes. Cowards, yep.

Likewise the choppers at Radio Shack, almost the last kind of RC toy still on the local shelves despite markdowns of as much as 70 percent. Which still leaves the price at $30 plus.

Back in the day (in the 1980s, when we never used that expression), my first word-processing laptop for work was a Radio Shack Tandy, complete with rubber ear cups for transmitting back to the newsroom over a land-line phone receiver. Which I once did to my own amazement on an assignment in Pennsylvania. Later I got a better one (larger, flip-up screen) of my own, then called a Notebook. Memories.

Bye, bye Radio Shack. Rest in Peace.

UPDATE:  My RIP link turns out to be a slam on the company by a disgruntled employee. I was fooled by the “eulogy” headline. It’s a long gripe about how tough retail is for the cashier-person, the lowest of the low. I remember it well. It was/is low-paid and exhausting. It’s what high school and college kids often wind up with for jobs, until they find something better. When they vow never to go back.

Rule 5: Antoniette Costa


A fantastic singer, as well as a beauty, here with eclectic classical (and “beatboxing”) cellist Kevin “K.O.” Olusola


Happy Hanukkah!


Hanukkah is not for the squeamish. Nor the two-state solution.

It’s not really about kids, gifts, fried potatoes or candles. It’s straight-up militarism, oh yeah, a victory celebration in a multimillenial conflict: “a reminder that Obama’s war on Jerusalem was preceded long before him by Antiochus’s war on Jerusalem.”

More timely news for the eight days from Sultan Knish.

UPDATE:  Then there’s the “humor” version via Heeb.

WaPo still protecting Democrats

Maybe the Jeff Bezos 2013 buy didn’t really change anything at the Democrat house organ WaPo after all.

Witness this burial on page C-7 of the conviction of Joseph D. Morrissey, a Virginia Democrat state legislator, for sex with a minor, i.e. statutory rape.

Now if he was a Republican: It would be katy bar the door.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Probably helps that Morrissey is also a gun-control goofus.

No due process at SMU

The Ponies don’t just have a lousy football team, they’ve also rigged the system against students accused of rape. Men, in other words. Despite all the recanted rape charges of recent years, the feds still encourage (shoot, they require) schools to favor the rape accuser over the accused.

“To reiterate: this new procedure, which OCR [federal Office of Civil Rights] requires SMU to continue in the future: (1) denies the accused student the right to an attorney; (2) denies the accused student the right to cross-examine his accuser; (3) allows the accused student no meaningful discovery; (4) can brand the accused student a rapist even if SMU’s own investigator and, later, own conduct review officer concludes he did nothing wrong; and (5) can reach that determination on a 3-2 vote.”

Innocent until proven guilty? Not on this subject and not at SMU. Keep your nose clean out there. The Supreme Soviet (i.e. OCR) is back in business, in Dallas.

Via Instapundit.

Workplace violence in Sydney

Never mind the black flag in the window of the Sydney, Australia coffee shop that says “There is no god but Allah.” The Fort Hood killer shouted the same thing as he gunned down his unarmed prey, but Wormtongue’s feds are still denying it could have been anything but workplace violence.

We’ll have to wait and see what the Aussies decide to term it. Possibly depending on how many of the between 12 and 40 hostages make it out alive and, of course, how many are employees. Gotta parse the tea leaves in these matters and, above all, pretend they’re not religion-motivated.

That would be Islamophobic. And we can’t have that now, can we? Why, shoot, some people (including the police) can actually see the perp with what appears to be a pump shotgun. So are there police snipers on the case? Not yet. But, hey, there’s some progress. The event is now officially being referred to as “a terrorist incident.” Take that, Barry.

Via Richard Fernandez at PJMedia

UPDATE:  The perp is dead and two hostages. “11:30 EST The Daily Telegraph is now saying 4 wounded, 2 dead. One of the deceased is reportedly ‘Sheik’ Man Haron Monis, as he is now referred to in the press.” He was another known Lone Wolf.

The badge gang’s crimes

Good examples of why the Badge Gang needs reform:

“They can shoot unarmed men and lie about it. They can roll up and execute a child with a toy as casually as one might in Grand Theft Auto. They can bumble around opening doors with their gun hand and kill bystanders, like a character in a dark farce, with little fear of serious consequences. They can choke you to death for getting a little mouthy about selling loose cigarettes. They can shoot you because they aren’t clear on who the bad guy is, and they can shoot you because they’re terrible shots, and they can shoot you because they saw something that might be a weapon in your hand—something that can be … any fucking thing at all, including nothing.”

Fortunately, people are finally catching on to the fact that Officer Friendly ain’t.

Via The Atlantic & Fox News.