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Jihad in Garland

I have to say that running a public contest to see who could draw the most infuriating cartoon of Mighty Mo wasn’t all that bright. But, of course, it shouldn’t have drawn gunfire from Muslim nutjobs or their hangers-on.

Best of recovery to the security guard who was shot (he seems to have been released from the hospital already) and condolences to the innocent for whatever lasting stress the wouldbe killers may have caused them.

As for the slain Jihadis, well, they surely got what they deserved. They shouldn’t have messed with Texas.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  The 1st Place tie in the cartoon contest. Heh.

Behind the Baltimore rioting

The following statistics explain a lot about the Baltimore rioting, though you’ll likely never learn of them from Sharpton, Jackson or their crony Obama:

Blacks constitute about 13.1% of America’s population.

But they are 63.4 % of Baltimore.

When it comes to crime across the U.S., the FBI reports that in 2012 blacks committed:

49.4% of all murders

32.5% of all forcible rapes

54.9% of all robberies

34.1% of all aggravated assaults

28.1% of ALL crime

But let’s not forget the dreadful Obama-Democrat economy and its disproportionate impact on young blacks. The WSJ’s Dan Henniger: “For the length of the Obama presidency, with growth significantly below norm, unemployment for blacks aged 24 and younger has hovered between 30% and 50%. That’s the real powder keg, not the police.”

Via commenter Richard Rider at WSJ

Israel BDS opposed by UTexas student assembly

Earlier this spring, a Palestinian student group at the University of Texas tried to get the school’s student assembly to urge the university to sell stock it owns in five corporations the group claimed “facilitate in the oppression of the Palestinian people by the State of Israel.”

The group wanted UT to join the University of California whose student government voted 11-1 in February in favor of the Israel BDS (boycott, divest, & sanctions) movement. Instead, “after weeks of contentious debate,” according to the Daily Texan student newspaper, the UT assembly voted 23-11 against the idea.

Not that approval would have had any practical effect as the university investors have long said they don’t use political or social issues in their decisions. Likewise the California board of regents opposes such consideration and will ignore the UC vote. But a BDS victory at UT, as did the victory at UC, could have had large political implications.

The accused corporations at UT: Alstom, Cemex, Hewlett-Packard, Proctor & Gamble, and United Technologies.

Via The Jewish Outlook.

Those charged Baltimore cops

I take heart from the fact that two of the six Baltimore cops charged with (or cooperation in) the killing of Freddie Gray are as black as Gray was , a third one is Hispanic and their accuser, a city prosecuting attorney, is herself at least half African-American.

Of course so much color in the story cripples the preferred Prog and Lefty narrative about white cops preying on black civilians, etc. Which is all to the good, since most of these approved narratives are bunk to begin with.

Via WSJ.

UPDATE:  Baltimore Sun’s look inside the city’s Freddie Gray investigation.

Rockets Away

Quite a sight, Blue Origin’s first rocket launch southeast of El Paso off I-10 near Van Horn in far West Texas. It’s the latest example of the Lone Star rising.

With SpaceX’s new launch facilities at Boca Chica Beach on a sandy peninsula just east of Brownsville on the Gulf Coast, expected to be ready for Falcon Heavy launches in 2018, Texas will claim an ever-larger share of space commerce.

If the federal socialists can only control their desire to tax or regulate everything that moves.


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