Ma’s plan to further screw the economy

Ma Barker, not satisfied with Barry Hussein’s seven years of a miserable economy, has her own plans to further the Democrat’s disaster.

“…Hillary Clinton is proposing an FDR-style tax distortion for investments, and Alan Reynolds describes what happened after this policy was implemented in the 1930s. ‘In the 12 months between February 1937 and 1938, the Dow Jones Industrial stock average fell 41%…That crash presaged one of the nation’s worst recessions, from May 1937 to June 1938, with GDP falling 10% and industrial production 32%…'”

Modern Democrats, you can count on them not to understand economics or even remember the historic failures of their own party. Even the former Democrat, El Trumpo, a businessman who ought to know better, is proposing a no-growth policy. He wants to raise taxes. He claims they’ll only hit the rich. Being rich himself, with all sort of opportunities to shelter his fortune from the tax man, he knows that isn’t true.

Via The WSJ’s James Freeman


Rule 5: Bar Paly


Carly still struggling for “debate” role

The Clinton News Network (CNN) has come up with a formula to deny Carly Fiorina a place in their September 16 GOP “debate”. Why the ‘phants even agreed to play in CNN’s small-audience, Democrat backyard is beyond me.

Carly is simply the Hildabeast’s greatest and most pointed critic. She doesn’t waste time beating up on the other GOP candidates but goes straight against the Democrat’s probable nominee, Ma Barker herself. So the Clinton News Network’s decision to exclude Carly is no surprise at all.

UPDATE:  Chicken Noodle News says Carly might be included after all, but it’s not certain yet. Pull the other one.

Go get ’em, Ted

Our own Ted Cruz lays the blame for the ambush killing of the Texas deputy where it belongs: on our incompetent president and his one-sided racial policies and incendiary racial remarks.

The Democrat operatives of the alphabet media, meanwhile, jumped on the deputy’s boss, the Harris County sheriff, for alleged “insensitive  statements.”  The most biased among them, MSNBC, ran the ugliest picture of Ted anyone around here has ever seen.

Gov. Abbott ordered Texas flags to half-staff in honor of the white deputy, Darren Goforth, who was shot in the back 15 times, apparently by a black man who has been arrested. As near as I can tell via Google, the president has not done the same with U.S. flags, which is not a surprise. He had to be pressured to do it for the Chattanooga military recruiters who were slain by a jihadi.

On Monday, however, Mrs. Charm and I saw several lowered American flags at businesses along U.S. 290 in Harris County as we returned to Austin from Houston. Little ad-hoc decision-making there, apparently.

Nevertheless, according to CNN, President Obama made a condolence call Monday to Goforth’s widow. Obama said he told Kathleen Goforth that he would continue to “highlight the uncommon bravery that police officers show in our communities every single day. They put their lives on the line for our safety.

“Targeting police officers is completely unacceptable — an affront to civilized society.”

I don’t remember any previous highlighting of uncommon bravery, but maybe I’m having a senior moment.

UPDATE:  Everyone needs to back off. Now.

Total Regulation

That’s what our political and media elite aspire to, seen recently in putting some child lemonade stands out of business and now assembling for an attack on personal trainers who don’t toe the federal government’s rent-seeking, crony-capitalist line.

The only good thing about it is that the federal dumbasses haven’t got the personnel to enforce their total regs. The bad thing is they will do it selectively and swoop down on whomever they do have time and personnel to regulate. It could be you. Or me.

If you don’t hate Washington, D.C., by the time “total regulation” comes into being, there’s something wrong with you. Or you’re a pol, a fed or a butt-sucking journalist.

Via Power Line.

Baseball’s thought police

Watch what you say on ESPN about history when it comes to Islamists. Don’t dare reveal the historical truth that they were aligned with the Nazis, sent thousands of Muslim recruits to the SS, and thereby helped murder Jews.

“I could see if [Curt] Schilling were told by an executive, ‘Hey, just stick to baseball, OK?’ But what was ‘completely unacceptable’ and ‘in no way represents our company’s perspective’ was not only historically true, Schilling under-tweeted the truth. Islamists and Nazis were teammates!”

Shilling has been suspended. They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. Who? The thought police of course. Land of the free? Forget it. That’s over.

My new iPhone 6 plus


Apple haters, like Mr. Goon, will despair but my new iPhone 6 Plus (white in a black Otter Box similar to the pix) is actually pretty cool. Its 5.5 inch screen is so big it’s almost a mini tablet. Easier for old eyes to read. Still fits in my pants pocket.

Oh, I considered an Android. I have to like any operating system called Lollipop. But, in the end, I had to acknowledge that Mrs. Charm and Mr. Boy both have iPhones and so why not be effortlessly compatible? Especially since keeping up with her in the hospital is important and texting him is about the only way to stay in touch. Anyhow, I like it. I already have the fingerprint ID security feature in operation and am consulting the operating manual daily for more tricks.

UPDATE: Meanwhile the last of Andy’s favorite circa ’05 collection of Motorola Razr phones has died. Sayonara, adios, etc.