Meet the Hamas billionaires

“This is corruption at the highest level… What has united the Palestinian leaders all throughout the years is the saying, ‘We have to get rich quick.’ This is how the regime sees it. Their leaders have no shame.”

You’d think they were from Chicago, or something, these phenomenally wealthy terrorists growing fat on the blood of “their people.”

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Israel’s most dangerous enemy, indeed

That would be the community organizer-in-chief. Friend to terrorists and anti-Semites worldwide. Master of the idiot Lurch, slanderer of a generation of Vietnam veterans as “baby killers.”

They are now bent on saving Hamas, having recently awarded the terrorists of Gaza a check for at least $47 million—just what Hamas needed. And now they are demanding that Israel immediately and unconditionally cease fire—-backed up by the louts of the Dictator’s Club, aka the United Nations. We can assume they are threatening Bibi with a restriction, if not an outright cancellation, of the usual resupply of expended American arms.

Which, when it gets out, as it surely will, should cost the Democrats the Senate. In the meantime, since together Wormtongue and Lurch have infuriated the Egyptians, whose military hardware also is American, Israel might even even get its resupply from Cairo.

The duplicitous Obama/Wormtongue has a talent for turning things upside down. As commenter MenachemBenYakov says: “Never has a man of lower moral character sat in the Oval Office.”

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UPDATE:  So far, Bibi, no doubt bolstered by 87 percent approval of Israeli citizens, is fighting back.

Rule 5: Candice Huffine



These days, when women show so much skin, covering it up is that much sexier.

Israel’s Sky Rider

The IDFs Sky Rider drones are small, about fifteen and a half pounds, and hand-launched. With quiet, electric motors. Operating in front of the ground forces, above them and in constant communications with them, they are indispensable in the Gaza fighting.

“Drones have transmitted back live footage of terrorists firing anti-tank missiles from windows of Gazan buildings, and have helped direct ground forces to an accurate counterstrike…We also provide them with alerts before threats materialize. A good proportion of tunnel shafts have been identified by the Sky Rider drone unit…”

The JP article (quoted above and available at the link below) doesn’t say, but one imagines Sky Rider also is a big help to Maglan, the IDF’s behind-the-lines special forces.

Via Jerusalem Post.

UPDATE:  More here, with video.

Hamas needs destroying


If Israel lets Hamas live to fight another day, or gives in to Lurch’s and Wormtongue’s insistence that they do (like the Worm succeeded in twisting Jerusalem’s arm to do back in 2012), the fire next time will be devastating.

Iran and Syria already have GPS-guided rockets which Hamas surely wants and keeps trying to get smuggled in by land or by sea. If they survive this confrontation, they will surely get them, perhaps even learn to make them as they already do some of their rockets now, and then they will: hit selected government and popular shopping targets in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with pinpoint barrages of so many rockets Iron Dome can’t cope. Then go on, say, to wipe out a loaded airliner waiting for takeoff at Ben Gurion Airport.

Of course, the IDF could then pile on and destroy them. It should do so now. Waiting will only insure greater casualties on both sides. Israel lost so-called “world opinion” years ago. Really, the leftist news media, academia and other political radicals such as the Dictator’s Club called the United Nations. It’s not worth risking the future for public relations nonsense.

Hamas needs destroying: leader by leader, rocket by rocket, tunnel by tunnel.

Now. Nothing less will do.

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UPDATE: Author and former Israel ambassador to U.S. Michael Oren says: “…to send an unequivocal message to terrorist organizations and their state sponsors everywhere, Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”

Permitted? Who could stop them but themselves?

MORE:  Wormtongue and the UN move to save Hamas after Lurch’s attempt failed. Only question now seems to be will Bibi defy them long enough to finish destroying the attack tunnels?

Rare good sense at the Dictator’s Club

The Human Rights Council of the Dictator’s Club (aka the United Nations) is a bitter joke dominated by countries that support terrorism. It’s main target is Israel. So naturally they’re working overtime at the moment.

UN Watch is at best a thorn in the council’s diseased flesh. Nevertheless, the Watch’s executive director Hillel Neuer is a man who knows how to give a speech. Don’t fail to notice the eyerolling of the clown in the foreground.

Neuer deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for promoting the common sense required to ensure real peace in the world. Instead it will undoubtedly go to our own idiot Lurch working feverishly these days trying to save Hamas from the IDF.

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Message to Hamas


A Golani Infantry Brigade poster. The green olive tree is their logo and the Golan Heights is their usual stomping ground.

Translation from the Hebrew: “To Hamas terrorists. There is no light in the end of the tunnel. There is Golani.”

Not that it will be easy.