Rule 5: Viktoria Manas


What is it about lingerie? In an age of thongs and general female nudity, the oldest, concealing forms of lingerie (and informed imagination) still appeal.

Spook City

With trick-or-treat falling on a Friday this year, we’re expecting an overflow crowd ringing the doorbell at the Rancho tonight. Unfortunately, I won’t have my usual candy give-out helper, as Mr.B. will spend the night with friends at their house.

The costumed little ones and their proud parents are always a treat and I hesitate not to be generous with them. It’s the tall teenagers and near-adults who’ll wear just a funny hat or a grotesque mask we’re more inclined to think of as a trick. So when it’s bedtime for the little ones we’ll probably turn the porch lights off.

UPDATE: Too chilly (temps in the low 60s) for the candy-mongers. Only drew five altogether—fifth through seventh graders—before I cut off the porch lights. None were little ones, alas.

Fart, Barf & Itch on the campaign trail

“…the FBI (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the [Eric Holder's] DOJ) has made the highly unusual decision to disclose their investigation into Mike Rounds (pictured above), a Republican Senate candidate in South Dakota, less than a week before next Tuesday’s vote.

“The alleged misconduct being investigated is somewhat obscure–something involving a work visa program in the state–but it is notable that the alleged misconduct was to have occurred three years ago, and the FBI’s announcement comes a year after the state’s own attorney general closed its own investigation without bringing any charges.”

Just the first of many October “surprises” to come this weekend.

Via Instapundit.

Lurch and his magic hat

Is there a bigger clown in Wormtongue’s administration than John Kerry? Slow Joe Biden, who couldn’t pass an entrance exam for first grade, is a genius compared to Lurch who recently dropped his diplomatic mask to blame the rise of ISIS on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The way some yo-yos  blame Israel for fomenting 9/11 and the jihadi conflict ever since

Which the White House later claimed our Lord Nelson of the River Boats ((He still has the hat!) never said despite multiple reports of it from various news sources. But they always do that, back and fill that is, deny the undeniable. Someone’s got to protect Lurch from himself. And, for a supposed diplomat, he is mighty thin-skinned.

Israel’s defense minister Moshe Yaalon mocked him as “obsessive and messianic.” (He still has the hat!) Yaalon’s remark was made in private but leaked to the Israeli press. Yaalon apologized. What did Lurch do? Like the rest of the Worm’s JV administration, he’s still holding a grudge

Yaalon’s “meeting with Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon last week was all smiles. Asked by the Washington Post’s Lally Weymouth about the Kerry kerfuffle, he replied, ‘We overcame that.’ Or not.

“’Despite the fact that Yaalon’s requests to meet with [Kerry and Biden] were declined over a week ago, Washington waited until the visit ended before making the story public in order to humiliate the Israeli defense minister,’ Ha’aretz reported. Mr. Yaalon is now said to be under an Obama administration ‘quarantine’ until he performs additional penance…”

As Brett Stephens adds, “The good news here is that at least there’s one kind of quarantine this administration believes in. The bad news is that it seems to give more thought to pursuing personal vendettas against allies like Israel than it does to waging effective military campaigns against enemies like ISIS.”

Shockeroo. Bibi, for one, has had enough. After temporarily calling a halt to such things to appease the White House’s attempt to get the Pallies to talk peace, Bibi recently announced the construction of 1,000 more apartments in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city, the one the State Department and Lurch (he still has the hat!) refuse to recognize as such. The U.S. embassy is in Tel Aviv.

“The French build in Paris, the English build in London, and the Israelis build in Jerusalem. Why come and tell the Jews not to live in Jerusalem? Because it will heat up the atmosphere?” [Bibi] said in an address to parliament. “We are building like we’ve built since the establishment of the state.…Violence is not the result of building in Jerusalem.”

The building will be in the part of the holy city that Kerry (He’s still lying about the hat.)  persist in referring to as East Jerusalem, as if the Jordanians were still occupying it. Which they did, in addition to the Old City, until 1967 when that little Arab misadventure referred to as the Six Day War went down. 1967 just happens to be the year and the borders the Worm wants Israel to return to “with swaps” to make the Pallies sign a peace treaty. They claim “East Jerusalem” as part of their future “state.” Dream on.

So Kerry reacted. He called Bibi. So far Bibi isn’t backing down and the State Department hasn’t released anything about what Lurch told him. Instead, the White House sent out a surrogate to slur Bibi as a “chickenshit.” And then denied doing it. Reminiscent of the way the adolescent Worm plays a middle-schooler in surreptitiously giving political opponents the finger and then denying he did it to the very few journos bold enough to ask.

Maybe Lurch told Bibi about his lucky hat. Nah. The State Department would have officially announced that one for sure.

Via WSJ, Politico & BeldarBlog.

UPDATE: Heh. Guess who got tasked with an additional denial?  Lurch is shocked, shocked, that any chickenshit in the administration would call Bibi names.

Hair loss and exhaustion masking good news

Post-chemo (Monday’s second round), Mrs. Charm is moving slowly about the Rancho, almost like someone twice her age. Her energy of the past ten days is nowhere in evidence. Her hair loss which began late last week also makes it harder to ignore what’s happening to her. Only her faded Paddington-Bear hat makes it seem like old times.

But her cancer doc said Monday the energy will return in a week or two, the hair will grow back eventually (though probably not for several more months), and, best of all, the cancer-swollen lymph nodes definitely are shrinking. So joy—momentarily in abeyance—continues at Rancho Roly Poly.

Further enhanced by several containers of goodies delivered yesterday by a favorite work colleague, the latest in the tidal wave of home-cooked and bought meals from many friends to show her how much they love her. Which makes me feel smart all over again for marrying her.

Random thoughts

Of all the ways there are to get f**ked nowadays, the oldest profession still is among the most pleasant.

Even if the drug industry succeeds in replacing the dwindling supply of working antibiotics, some doctors will keep sabotaging the new ones by prescribing them for viral and other non-bacterial conditions. It’s ironic that the one group, doctors, that should know better is the one group causing the problem.

I keep confusing climatology with cosmetology.

I remember (1964) that education was the easy major for the girls and a few not-very-bright males. K-12 was at least as useless in the 1950s as it is now. As for why there are few men teachers today, could be because teaching at K-12 doesn’t pay very well for an educated, ambitious person.

Pols: And while we have all your attention focused on this trendy distraction, I’m going to get a bag full of money THIS BIG from a lobbyist to do something much harder for you peasants to understand but much more profitable for me and my cronies.

The employment of kings. Doesn’t every child aspire to be a fed?

All pols lie, but Obama is a chronic liar. He lies like an adolescent, which is to say about everything, small things and big things. He doesn’t differentiate. And it’s always someone else’s fault.

I guess you have to be a lawyer to appreciate this game of waiting to hear what our robed rulers will decide next. Politicians are just a sideshow to their main show.

Really funny how the Web catches up Old Media, and forces them to go in and scrub their old posts. I bet they dream of the old days when nobody remembered what they said a few years back, unless they clipped it out and few would bother.

If conservatives stopped writing about what MSNBC does, no one else would know.

Iran on Texas executions: “Pathetic”

“President Hassan Rouhani initially voiced bewilderment at the level of vehement opposition to Texas’s execution of inmates, as his country has put to death nearly twenty times the number of people that Texas has executed since he assumed the presidency last August.

“During that time, Iran has hanged, beheaded, or otherwise killed 936 people for crimes ranging from homosexuality to insulting Muhammad the prophet, while Texas has put to death a total of 47 death row inmates, all by lethal injection. The Iranian president’s confusion gave way to open disdain as he dismissed Texas’s efforts to appear tough on criminals as less than impressive.”

So there, all you oh-so-progressive Texas capital-punishment protestors. Hie thee to Tehran for some sign carrying and slogan shouting. If you dare.

Satire from PreOccupied Territory.