The latest from our robed rulers

A federal district judge has thrown out a key provision of the state’s new law regulating abortion clinics. It seems that health & safety isn’t important where killing the unborn is concerned.

“The law would require abortion facilities in Texas to meet hospital-level operating standards, which supporters say will protect women’s health. Clinics called it a backdoor effort to outlaw abortions…”

The state, of course, will appeal the decision. A previous reversal was overturned and that part of the law upheld. It’s a pity that states have to jump through these legal hoops. But that’s the situation we have: These unelected robed rulers of ours call the shots. And they call this democracy? Very funny.

Meanwhile, the country’s birth and fertility rates (the latter said to be more accurate) have fallen below replacement. The birth measure is below even Russia’s, which is also below replacement, and the declining American fertility measure is now converging with the low Russian one.

Refused arms behind Gaza pullout?

It seems Obamalot, the most secretive administration in a long time, is still refusing to resupply munitions to Israel—which could be a major reason for the controversial ceasefire with Hamas. Seems, we say, because Wormtongue & Co. admit nothing, leaving speculation and tea-leaf reading as the only options.

“It has been two weeks since The Wall Street Journal first reported that the White House had been caught off-guard by transfers of military equipment from the Pentagon to the IDF in the course of Operation Protective Edge.

“According to that report, the administration responded to the surprise by tying up further arms transfers in an additional multi-agency review process. Some transfers requested by the IDF have since been released, but a request for additional Hellfire missiles remains unfulfilled.”

Wormtongue’s unsavory animus for Israel is telling. He may not be a Muslim as his more hysterical critics allege but he obviously prefers them to Jews.

OTOH, I have trouble imagining how those missiles could be more accurate than artillery, especially on Gaza where the coordinates of every building could be (and undoubtedly are) known down to a scale of inches. Or is the IDF short of artillery rounds as well?

Via The Times of Israel.

Gazastanians slain by falling bullets

And they weren’t even Israeli bullets! Nope.

They were from the usual physics-challenged, masked IslamoNazis firing their AK-47s into the air. Disregarding Newton, as always, they forgot that what goes up must come down.

This time the brilliant Gazastanians were celebrating their great victory over the Zionist entity. Result: 2 killed, 25 wounded.

I’m sure if the New York Times editors work on it, however, they can figure out a way to blame it all on Israel, and all their adoring acolytes from coast to coast will page 1 the story.

Via Seraphic Secret.

Why it’s wrong to say “the” Palestinians

“#13 – ‘The Palestinians:’ The United Nations’ 1947 partition resolution called Palestine’s Arabs and Jews ‘the two Palestinian peoples.’ Nothing is more self-delegitimizing and counter-productive to achieving peace based on Arab recognition of Jews’ right to be there, than that Jews should go around calling Palestinian Arabs “The Palestinians.” They have no distinguishing language, religion, or culture from neighboring Arabs, and have never been sovereign in Palestine, whereas the Jews, with a presence stretching back three millennia, have had three states there, all Jerusalem-based. Most Palestinian Arabs cannot trace their own lineage to the land back more than 4 generations.”

Ready to be mind-boggled? Thanks to the persistent laziness of the Democrat media and its sheep-herd mentality, various anti-Israel and, increasingly, anti-Semitic groups, the other twelve points probably will surprise you as well.

Illuminate yourself.

Via United With Israel

Rule 5: Tamar Bar-Ilan


And another IDF sergeant paramedic in Operation Protective Edge.

The lies the news media tells you

Our political erosion might not be so bad if it wasn’t seconded (and sometimes led) by what passes for journalism these days. Forbes calls it the Media Intifada:

“*** The arithmetic of civilian casualties in Gaza is one of the principal media crimes in this war.  It became obvious weeks ago that major Western journalists routinely swallowed the huge civilian-casualty figures dished out to them by Gaza’s Ministry of Health, a bureaucratic arm of a terrorist group that was shown to have lied about such figures in past wars.  In some cases, reporters cite numbers instead from the United Nations, which gets its numbers from—surprise—the Hamas ministry, a dubious source of information, akin to relying on the Reich Health Office for German civilian-casualty statistics during World War II.  On many occasions, major American news outlets haven’t bothered to even attribute the numbers to either the ministry or the UN—simply reporting as fact that ‘most,’ or ‘the majority’ or the ‘vast majority’ of casualties in Gaza are civilians.”

And there’s much, much more. No wonder there are so many anti-Israel protesters and growing anti-Semitism. Relying on American and British newspapers and television they see the wicked Jews bombing Gaza while the pitiful Palestinians fight back with inaccurate rockets and the occasional precision mortar, never even realizing that the Palestinians started it all in the first place, just like they always do.

Thanks New York Times, The Washington Compost, CNN, BBC, and all the lazy little media sheep that follow them around saying ba, ba, ba.

Via Simply Jews.

UPDATE: Matti Friedman, a former Associated Press reporter/editor in Jerusalem tells all. The news media gets the story wrong because they intend to get it wrong. It’s their narrative: Israel bad, Palestinians good.

“Many of the people deciding what you will read and see from [Israel] view their role not as explanatory but as political,” Friedman writes. “Coverage is a weapon to be placed at the disposal of the side they like.”

Reminds me of an editor I once worked for who visited Israel not so long ago. He didn’t spend much time in Israel proper. He spent most of it in Ramallah, as a guest of the side he likes.

You can be sure Friedman’s former colleagues and their bosses will deny it all, but as a recovering journalist I can assure you her his analysis of the way the biz works is impeccable: The bigs decide what’s news, reporters follow orders to the letter or are replaced with ones who will. Easy-peasy.

MORE: Meanwhile, in Utah, a white teen is shot to death by a black cop.   Ferguson in different colors. Rioting? MSNBC, CNN, DOJ, Rev. Al converge? NYTimes editorializes? The president speaks? None of that. And you’re not one bit surprised, are you?

Our eroding political culture

“Seriously, I hate the lowdown argot of politicians nowadays. They seem to think they are in a pool hall, and not a nice one, either. Both parties are guilty. I personally don’t like to be addressed or described as ‘folks,’ like some backwoodsman from Andrew Jackson’s day. I don’t care for the expression ‘shout out.’ I don’t like to be told, ‘Read my lips.’ I’m sure you can think of others.”

Not off-hand, no, but I agree we are led by intellectual midgets (and moral ones, too) who copy each other relentlessly. I think it all started with Slick Willie and Her Lizardness and if she winds up replacing B. Hussein, it’ll be more of the same.

At least she probably wouldn’t wear shorts in public like the Great Divider does, being rather too flabby, not to mention the blue veins. More likely she’ll wear big-boy pants, the kind that go down to the shoe-top.

Meanwhile she’ll say stupid things about the “threat” of global warming while hypocritically flying about in “a $39 million, 16-passenger” carbon footprint called a Gulfstream G450. The climate warriors never walk their talk.

Via Miriam’s Ideas and Meteorological Musings.