Obama’s enemies list

Get on Wormtongue’s enemies list and you’ll suffer for it, even your whole state, as Al Reuters has found in a study of discretionary federal spending:

“Reuters sorted the states into three categories: ‘red’ states, where Obama got less than 45 percent of the vote in 2012, ‘blue’ states in which Obama got more than 55 percent of the vote, and ‘purple’ states where Obama won between 45-55 percent of the vote. As noted, red states sustained a 40 percent cut in discretionary grant spending, but blue states only lost 22.5 percent, just a little over half as much.”

This is the change without the hope, unless you vote the right way. Like what the Democrat IRS did to the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

But it’s as old as Miriam Sawyer’s recollections of growing up in Albany, NY, where Republicans “did not have potholes in their streets fixed or the snow removed (there was a lot of snow)…”

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The Nazis were Socialists

That the Nazis were Socialists, that fascism in Germany was Socialist in nature is much more widely understood today than when I was young in the 1950s and perusing the latest New York publisher’s Nazi-centric history of World War II.

In their telling fascism was some sort of weird right-wing, racist cult unto itself with no connection to the Soviet Socialist tyranny. It was the time of the Cold War and the Soviets were too powerful to be treated insensitively (like the violent Muslims today) in addition to the fact that Leftists controlled the publishing industry and had an interest in protecting Socialism’s reputation.

Today, thanks to Google in particular and the Internet in general the connection between the Nazis and the Soviets is much more obvious, in things like their sharing of Poland in 1939. Study the old, once rarely-seen photos of the Nazi and Soviet officers smiling and shaking hands as they prepare to murder the Poles and confiscate their property.

New histories like Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands likewise underscore the Nazi-Soviet cooperation in the Holocaust. His figures, from the formerly-secret Soviet archives and elsewhere, show the almost six million Jews were among a total of 16 million people murdered by Europe’s two most powerful Socialist regimes.

Leftists can continue to deny the Socialist connections to this appalling genocide all they please. They have always been great deniers of the obvious. But their grip on the public’s understanding of history is loosening steadily. Mercifully.

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Bluebonnets 2014


This is what we’re waiting for, spring in Texas, due in a few weeks, while the northeast digs out of its latest blizzard. After all the rain we’ve had this winter this is what we should be able to expect. I think this was taken out near Inks Lake in the Hill Country a year ago. I’ve driven this road before when it was just like this. But I’m not sure. The Internet provides but it doesn’t always clarify.

Banning “Jihad” at Al Jiz

Looks like an Al Jiz story finally is going to get traction.

Make that a National Review story about Al Jazeera English, the Quatari network that is, as Breitbart News puts it “the proverbial tree in a forest no one hears fall.”

Until now. Al Jiz America has lately been leaking internal emails like the Titanic did seawater. A new one shows management has banned its reporters’ use of the words terrorist, Islamist and jihad in most cases.

Banning words is a characteristic of a third-rate news organization. Nice to have that cleared up.

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Three hour speeches and pie in the sky

Hey, it could be worse, sports fans. Barry could be reading from the teleprompter all evening long on all the alphabet stations. Followed by the usual nodding of the talking heads. He does seem to think money grows on trees, but at least he’s not as verbose as Nicolas Maduro.

So what if Barry chews gum on camera, like some low-rent community organizer? He’s relatively pithy. And he’s still got the rich to fleece, at least rhetorically, while he’s really sticking it to what’s left of the middle class. He knows the poor don’t care either way.

Long as he makes sure their checks ain’t late. And, so far, the feds can still do that right.

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American Sharpshooter

In another era, that’s what American Sniper would have been called. Every war has had them on all sides. To pantywaists like Fatso Moore, who never served and never will, they seem like murderers because they don’t fight in the open and take their chances of being killed.

But sharpshooters (or snipers) have been killed in all wars when they shot off more than a few rounds without moving their positions. Especially in the Civil War when black-powder ammunition produced a two-foot flame out the business end of a rifle. Easy to spot, that flame, and then pick off the sharpshooter.

The cool thing about the movie is that its unexpected success shows that Hollyweird’s predictable anti-war movie of the last thirty-plus years, and seemingly endless denigration of American combat veterans, finally may be nearing eclipse. As Sultan Knish puts it, American Sniper treats the Iraq campaign like World War II, with American heroes.

Talk about heresy in progressive media-land. Talk about an overdue relief for veterans and their supporters.

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Barry’s billions for Iran

The Obama administration expects to finish delivering $11.9 billion in cash assets to Iran by the end of June, according to figures released by the State Department.

“That would be the same group of fundamentalist savages who in defiance of international, civilized norms seized our embassy under the feckless Carter administration and have never had to feel the lash since. Barack Hussein Obama: the best friend our Islamic enemies ever had.”

It’s as if FDR gave billions to the Nazis to keep Hitler happy.

Now Barry’s fuming about Bibi’s planned speech to Congress. You have to wonder why. He only gives millions to Israel, and makes up big lies about them.

Via PJMedia’s Michael Walsh. FoxNews and Avner Zarmi.