Obama “bundler” blocks abortion videos

“[Federal Judge William] Orrick was nominated to his position by hardline abortion supporter President Barack Obama. He was also a major donor to and bundler for President Obama’s presidential campaign. He raised at least $200,000 for Obama and donated $30,800 to committees supporting him, according to Public Citizen.”

See how it’s done? Our robed rulers don’t get their jobs by accident.

Our Barry Hussein is a hardliner because he wouldn’t restrict late-term abortions.

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Pranking a Telemarketer

This is probably very old. I first got it in a group email about 2006. Still is a hoot.


I laughed so much the tears were rolling. See if you can get through it without a hoot or three.


Rule 5: Robin Lawley


13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

I actually teared up the first time I watched this trailer of the new Benghazi flick.

Because I had thought that the Obama administration and their lapdog Democrat news media had successfully swept it, and Ambassador Chris Stevens’ murder, under the rug.

To the extent that a U.S. Secretary of State shouted at a Senate committee: “What difference, at this point, does it make?!” and no one on the committee or in the media said boo.

Now maybe we’ll finally find out what difference, at this point, it makes.

The White Privilege B.S.

I get the point. You would have to be a moron not to. But this fellow’s recitation of why I and other white men are supposed to feel bad about our “privilege” isn’t very convincing. Even if he has, as it says under his byline, a “Doctorate in White Privilege.” Imagine that. He says blacks are more likely to be stopped for the color of their skin, even shot to death, but he offers no proof of either claim.

The “actual facts,” as opposed to, I suppose, the unactual facts, of WP. Nothing there about black guys in polo shirts and khakis getting stopped or shot. But that would be discriminatory, wouldn’t it, expecting them to dress like whitey. Uh huh.

I still think most of the problem of blacks and other minorities tending to be hassled by cops, when it is true, is really a matter of class and behavior. Clothing, behavior, and whatever else denotes one’s social and economic standing.

Dress like a gangbanger, in other words, like Trayvon, and you’ll be treated like one. Get belligerent with a cop like Michael Brown, and you’ll have a gun pulled on you. Run away from a cop like Larry Jackson did and you risk getting shot. How simple is that?

We have blacks in our mostly white Austin neighborhood and no one hassles them because they mow their lawns, wash their cars, go to work every day and dress like the rest of the American middle class. We rarely even see a police car and have never heard a gunshot.

And if that’s too hard, or too debilitating for the ones who are hassled, well, you get what you resemble. Trayvon and his gold grill. Brown and his I’ll-mess-you-up attitude. Jackson and his you-can’t-catch-me-whitey. It’s really as simple as that.

The “white privilege” babble is just the latest excuse for why so many non-performing, unambitious and belligerent blacks are left behind by whites and Asians and, at least in Texas, by Hispanics, too.

UPDATE;  Now, it could be that the White Privilege B.S. was invented by some dimwit white academic. Sounds like it, doesn’t it? But it’s even more probable it was invented by some racist black person because, as The Z Man says:

“The most bigoted people in America are black. In fact, blacks are actively encouraged to wear their prejudices on their sleeve. Every black comic does bits on white people. Famous black people put a lot of effort into ‘keeping it real’ so they can be clear that they are not down with the blue-eyed devil. How many times have you heard a black guy say something like, ‘It is a black thing, you wouldn’t understand’?”

The real danger to Preventing Parenthood

“The true danger to Planned Parenthood and the entire [abortion] industry [of the videos] is the exposure of their hypocrisy. The two positions of ‘clumps of cells’ and negotiating over human organs from abortions are mutually exclusive.

“One cannot extract human organs from ‘a pile of goop,’ or from tumors or undifferentiated ‘clumps of cells.’ Human organs come from human beings, and the only way to harvest them from unborn human beings is to kill them first.

“The videos cut through all of the misdirection, all of the antiseptic generalities used in defense of abortion, to expose its true nature — and that’s what has Planned Parenthood panicked over the videos.”

And why, at the moment the Texas Baby Chop Shops are stonewalling a state Senate investigation into the organ harvesting and selling. Not a workable move, folks, as you will soon find out.

Via Hot Air.

UPDATE:  PP gets a California state judge to issue a temporary restraining order on the anti-abortion group that made the undercover videos exposing PP’s organs-tissues business. So much for the 1st Amendment. Meanwhile, Fox News doesn’t feel restrained in publicizing the latest sting video.

Crazy Bernie would ban handguns

The Democrats’ favorite Socialist (the only one who admits it; and Ma Barker‘s only real opponent so far) Bernie Sanders has staked his new position on handguns: They should be banned, along with shotguns and any other so-called “self-defense” firearm. Can’t have the proles defending themselves, can we?

Thanks for the warning, Bernie. Although just how you’d ban them (if you were our Socialist king) remains to be seen. Somehow I doubt a presidential executive order like that would last long in the courts. But you never know.

Is Bernie an aristo? Not literally, I suppose, but in a real sense, yes. Afterall, he’s a career pol whose major interest (like all of them) is his own re-election, accumulating money and power and prestige.

The Socialism bit is just his means to his end. Or, more likely, Ma Barker’s.

Psst, Bernie. The gun grabbers are losing. Sure you want to align with them?

Via USToday & Bearing Arms.