Scientists agree: Warming has nearly stopped


Actually, they didn’t say “dangerous.” That’s the Worm’s lie. No surprise. He lies.

What he also didn’t say is what WUWT does: “…while 97% of scientists may agree that global warming is caused by humans, virtually 100% agree that global warming has stopped or slowed considerably during the 21stcentury.”

I still contend that this climate change dodge (a wholly-owned subsidairy of the Democrat Party) is a tax scam, just like Obamacare.


If you dare: the Har Nof butchery

Even the Democrat Progs at the New Republic finally get it:

“…the senselessness and brutality of the synagogue assault, and the otherworldliness of the victims, lays bare the inadequacy of rational political explanations for terror. No doubt the murderers had their grievances (and some perhaps were reasonable), but the butchery in Har Nof shows that any sense of strategy has been overwhelmed by hate. The murder of non-Zionist Torah scholars is an attack on Jews more than Israel, and explaining it requires an understanding of hatred, not of politics.”

Watch a video of aftermath pix to see the butchery of four middle-aged rabbis, ambushed at prayer by two young Arab terrorists, the pictures the news media does not want you to see. If you dare.

Via Israel Matsav

Once more: Random Thoughts

Tonight’s reportedly-planned speech in which self-crowned King Worm will announce his unconstitutional amnesty for millions of mainly Hispanic illegals will start a stampede of new ones looking for the same deal.

It should get him impeached. It only takes the House to impeach. At the very least the House should cancel the money he needs to make his amnesty work. They have that power. We’ll see if the Stupid Party has the cajones to do either one. I’m betting not. Just bluster. More bluster.

Meanwhile, Texas, which Gov. Rick Perry says spends $12 million a month trying to secure the border with Mexico because King Worm and the Democrat Party refuse to enforce existing federal law to do it, is planning to sue. For the $12 million a month and for the extra millions that will have to be spent to deal with the fresh surge of illegals amnesty is likely to encourage.

There’s no need for revolution against this Democrat would-be dictator, however. Passive resistance is the very best course against overweening government: like the millions not signing up for ObamaCare and the thousands in Connecticut refusing to register their guns. I’d skip not filing income taxes, however.

Heresy update: Slow Joe Biden would make a much better president than the Lizard Queen. Just about anybody would. He’s more competent, believe it or not. He’s had to do his own stealing all by himself to get to be a millionaire. She’s had a serial predator to help her do it.

She and the Groper must be salivating thinking of all those White House antiques back in their hands again after 2016. They’ll have a much better idea of what to steal this time.

People who carry concealed pistols have a responsibility to practice, both dry-fire at home and with bullets on a range, to be ready and confident for if/when the need ever comes.

Arts and Sciences: Probably the only field in which you could fake having a doctorate, since so much of the academic version is twaddle to begin with.

Don’t move to Texas, please.  Not only do we have illegal aliens (including terrorists, no doubt) surging across the border, fire ants in every back yard, and roaches as big as your hand, on some roads, there is no speed limit. It helps to drive a big truck with a hardy brush popper for the deer that wander across highways, especially at night. Why, you could get killed down here.

Drinking plain old water is what works, every time, to both sober up and cure a hangover. Too many people waste their time drinking coffee. Or some lame concoction they saw in a movie. Alcohol depletes water in the body. Get it?

Well, that’s one more “probe” down the memory hole at Fart, Barf & Itch. They’re still searching for the phone numbers of the conservative victims of the IRS. Now they claim they’re going to investigate Jerusalem’s synagogue massacre. Just what the Israelis need, I’m sure, more stumble-bum gumshoes from Fort Beltway.

The Dream Speech of 1963 put the FBI into action, wiretapping Dr. King as a suspected Communist on order of the Democrat Kennedys. Obviously the content of their character wasn’t worth judging. Later it was claimed they were concerned about his opposition to the Vietnam war, but that came long after the Dream Speech set them off.

After all these years of ever-higher black unemployment, 80-something percent among young men at last report despite a half-black president, it would be amazing if they weren’t desperate enough to finally leave the Democrat plantation.

Rule 5: Girl with Gun


Unidentified high school senior in Broken Bow, Nebraska poses with her hunting rifle and buck antlers for her yearbook picture, a smart new policy in the rural school district which is upsetting the Progs. Ah, fly-over country. I love it!

Wish she’d come down here and shoot a few of the deer we have roaming all over our neighborhood thanks to a recalcitrant city council with a Bambi-complex.

Palestinian terrorists kill four rabbis, one cop

Times of Israel editor David Horovitz reiterates: It’s not going to work.

“For this is the homeland of the Jewish nation, the only place we have ever been sovereign or sought sovereignty. And what needs writing and saying, most especially on a terrible day like today, is that we will not be driven from it.”

The two terrorists, who used knives, axes meat cleavers, and a pistol, were killed by Israeli police at the scene, a synagogue in Jerusalem. Hamas supporters in Gaza danced in the streets and handed out candy to celebrate the bloodshed. Bibi promised retribution.

Austin’s Congregation Agudas Achim held a prayer service at 6 p.m. to mourn the innocent, show solidarity with Israelis and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Via Simply Jews.

UPDATE:  Despicable CNN headlined the deaths of the two Palestinians. Then called the synagogue a mosque. Hours later they apologized.

Runaway trains sure to crash

The “runaway train” the Wall Street Journal called Obamacare in 2009, when it was still roaring down the tracks to passage, all 1,990 pages of it. It might well be, said the Journal’s editorial writers, “the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced….eventually all medicine will be rationed via politics.”

And then it passed with only Democrat votes in the face of the polled opposition of a majority of the country. Then its Web site crashed, because it was a joke. (So is the new one.) Then people who already had private health insurance began to lose it because it didn’t meet the “standards” of Obamacare, including such things as birth control pills and abortions for everyone, including children and the elderly.

Finally more than half the states refused to set up the exchanges the law required for Obamacare to “work.” Came the mid-term elections of 2014 and the voters got even: many of those same Obamacare-voting Democrats lost their seats in the House and Senate. They’re still acting like they don’t know what hit them.

Now the Supreme Court is poised to send the train onto a siding that will take it over a cliff and out of sight. Whew. Not that Wormtongue has learned anything. He’s apparently readying a whole new train to do something like it all over again, unilaterally this time, by giving 5 million, mostly Hispanic, illegal immigrants amnesty and work permits. Once more against the wishes of the polled majority of the country, many Democrats and almost all of the GOP.

If he sends the new train out of the station, his party will cringe and if they’re smart the elected ones will start making plans for new employment after 2016.

And then we may have a good chance that these two Progressive train crashes back-to-back will keep the Democrats from claiming the White House again for a generation. Bye, bye, Lizard Queen and Groper. Even with millions of apparent new amnesty voters on the Democrat side and graft in their pockets from the big corporations lobbying for the amnesty. Party of the people, yeah right.

Why I don’t Tweet

For one thing, they’re so short and pithy, you can wind up seeming to mean something you didn’t intend. Or if you say something you do intend it might be understandable in context but look very unwise standing alone. For instance.

Now I think the Duncanville, Texas teacher at the link went too far. Her words look pretty stupid. But I also think she ought to have a right to say such things without being fired. The problem is saying them in public. So fired she is and all because of a Tweet. Not for me, thanks. Not for me.

Via Instapundit.