Terrorism pays, and pays well

I see we’re sending another $47 million to Gaza, supposedly to the UN’s mission there, for “humanitarian aid.” There’s some bitter humor.

Our political elite, who do their own thieving of public funds, certainly know the UN isn’t trustworthy and that Hamas will skim their cut right off the top.

Unless they just skip the skim and pocket the top and all the rest of it. Why else would there be 38 percent poverty and 40 percent unemployment in Gaza, concrete-walled fighting tunnels and thousands of rockets?

Not to mention private jets and luxury living for the Hamas leadership?

Gaza’s “innocent civilians” at play

Palestinian gunmen ride motorcycles as they drag the body of a man, who was suspected of working for Israel, in Gaza City Variously described as “Palestinian gunmen” and “Hamas thugs” in the various media that have used this Reuters picture, said to be of the post-execution of an alleged spy for Israel.

Sure look like civilians to me. Except for the lack of women and children, pretty much indistinguishable from the “innocent civilians” photos we are regaled with nowadays, though this less innocent version is several years old.

An inevitable disconnect is the West & the Dictators Club (also known as the UN) getting all bent over the deaths of these “innocent civilians” while their leaders say they were privileged to die as martyrs. Including the children whose TV cartoon characters teach them to be combatants in killing Jews.

Via Simply Jews and Palestinian Media Watch.

UPDATE:  “Enough of the fear of hurting ‘the innocent’… Exactly what innocent?! The same innocent who stuffed his face with candy and wept with joy that the boys were killed? Or the one who tore people apart? Enough shielding their children with our bodies, while they shoot from behind their backs, killing our kids. Enough. Maspik.”

Those unaccompanied children…

…are actually fewer than some of the snooze media would have you believe. If you’re paying attention, that is. If, like me, you’re tired of hearing about the latest wave of illegals crossing the Southern border, and therefore only listening with half an ear, you might conclude we’re dealing with a strange wave of thousands of Central American orphans.

Orphans? No. The kids among them—and there are plenty of teens and young adults as well—are coming across to join Mom and Dad who are already here. Mom and Dad watch MSDNC and figure amnesty is just around the corner. So it’s time to bring the whole family together for the big event.Some of the kids have phone numbers written on their shirts and pants so no one fails to call their folks.

And the federal border patrol is cooperating. The kids who are busing or flying to various states are being sent “home,” in essence, where they can swell the public school population and whatever aspects of the local welfare state they’re able to take advantage of, raising taxes for the natives.

The kids part is actually very well coordinated. It’s the older ones that Gov. Rick Perry is upset about. But just how he imagines Texas alone will be able to control its whole Southern border, is beyond me.

UPDATE:  A thousand Texas National Guard won’t be near enough, Rick.

IDF Sgt. Nissim Sean Carmeli, R.I.P.

Sergeant Carmeli, a native of South Padre Island, on the Gulf Coast in South Texas, was one of two Israeli Americans killed fighting in Gaza on Sunday.

Nissim, 21, who had moved to Israel from Texas in 2010, was an infantryman in the elite Golani Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces.

UPDATE: He “was an example of a new and increasingly common breed of lone soldier — a native Hebrew speaker with Israeli parents who chose to move abroad in pursuit of business opportunities, but instilled a strong sense of Israeli identity in their children, so strong that they choose to return to Israel and serve in the IDF rather than attend university overseas.”

MORE:  Astounding estimates of 12,000 to 20,000 people attended his funeral services in Haifa. Reflecting the love Israelis have for their young defenders.

Another “Kill the Jews” Weekend

“Shiites and Sunnis temporarily put aside their blood feuds and entire families of Syrian Alawites and Turkish Sunnis stand in London or Berlin screaming ‘Death to the Jews’.

“Joining them are elderly Trotskyists and aging Stalinists, normally as mutually hostile as Shiites and Sunnis, who put aside their differences to feebly wave cardboard signs about the Zionist war machine.

“Fake blood is everywhere. Aspiring art students who can’t draw try to figure out new ways of intersecting a Swastika and a Star of David. Latuff cartoons are printed out along with bloody photos  of dead people from Syria, Hollywood horror movies and on the rare occasion, Gaza, and shoved in everyone’s faces.”

Read it all. It’s, you know, the stuff you won’t see in the Snooze Media today and tomorrow. Which will pride itself on “playing it straight”, i.e. without the truth.

Via Sultan Knish.

Meanwhile, thanks to cut-n-run Obamalot, the largely unreported Christian Holocaust continues in Iraq.

Saving for his retirement


What Wormtongue does—when he isn’t blaming Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and the GOP for everything—instead of leading. As if he knew how.

Via Instapundit

The Palestinian Pass

Call it the Palestinian Pass: the lack of accountability and low expectations expected of Palestinians—the behavior easily ignored or quickly forgiven—when compared with the high standards of moral perfection demanded of Israelis.”

Divesting Presbyterians, we’re talking about you. Not that you’re anti-Semites, oh no. You just have on blinders when it comes to Ramallah and Gaza.

Consciously or unconsciously, you employ the Palestinian Pass.

Via Times of Israel.