Recruiting up

From Strategypage, continued good news from the recruiting office.

"The U.S. military recruited all the people it needed in
June, and, for the current fiscal year (which began on last October 1st),
have brought in more people than they need. The armed forces needed
120,130 recruits and re-enlistments for the year-to-date and exceeded that
by 2,256. For the reserves, 101,248 were needed for the year-to-date, but
only 101,185 were recruited, coming up short 63 people (less than a tenth
of a percent). This recruiting activity doesn’t make the news, which in
itself is not unusual, as good news has never been profitable in the news
business. But the story behind the continued recruiting success does
contain the germ of a good headline or two. That’s because a major reason
for the good recruiting numbers can be found in the above average
re-enlistment rates, and the positive word-of-mouth from veterans of the

Next up: A resolution to the backyard deer problem and the resurgence of the antique rose bushes. 

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