Cub preview

Mr. Boy and his Tiger Cub pals get another shot at attending a Longhorns football practice on Thursday, before which I will be trying to narrow down his color choices for his first Pinewood Derby entry. Uncannily he drew a profile for the car on his rectangular block of soft pine that almost matched the optimal shape found in the "speed kit" books available on the Internet for tips n tricks, etc. Indeed, thanks to a family friend who is a former scoutmaster, Mr. B.’s block has already been cut by band saw, and belt-sanded, and his "axles" and plastic wheels polished with the aid of sandpaper and an electric drill. It’s not all adult-takeover, as Mr. B.’s fingers did the actual work. More later on an interesting industry that’s grown up around this pre-teen cub scout activity.

UPDATE  The Tiger-Cubs-attend-practice was postponed for a second time, this time due to a soggy field being an injury risk to the players getting ready for what could be a tough game against Nebraska. The practice was moved inside where there isn’t enough seating for the cubs and parents.

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  1. Who is more anxious to see the open practice, Dad or Mr. Boy? Will need to see some pictures of this racer.

  2. I am a little interested in seeing the practice, but Mr. Boy likes to play flag football. Racer pictures will be up when the painting is done and all in readiness.