The Tuscola Kid

Looks like Colt McCoy may yet return as Texas QB, after two weeks rest of his shoulder before the A&M game the day after Thanksgiving. If the injury really is the "stinger" he’s said to have told Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis, he might even be back on track with a Heisman ranking after beating the Aggies. So Colt, personally, could yet have a remarkable season, NCAA record-setting freshman QB (despite really being a sophomore, quaintly called a "redshirt" freshman), top 2 or 3 in the Heisman polls, etc, etc., etc.

The Longhorns season is effectively over wth the loss to K State, unless you count winning the Big 12 as a big deal (not this year), and playing Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. Assuming Texas ranks that high with two losses. Maybe somebody else can get to pummel Boise State. There’s good fortune.

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