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Better look out Missouri

The Texas-Texas Tech game this morning was supposed to be close. It wasn’t. Texas ran over Tech 52-20. Literally, since Texas was almost entirely about rushing. They didn’t punt once all game.

This new Texas team of many freshmen starters is getting scarier by the week. Missouri (which Baylor beat today) is next on the Longhorn hit list. Will they suffer a Tech-similar experience? Sure looks that way.

UPDATE:  Scratch that. With their three best running backs injured and their QBs under- or overthrowing their receivers, Texas had no chance to win. Only their good defense kept the score low, at 17-5.

Big 12 unraveling

I guess Texas wants to play SoCal regularly, as well as have an easier shot at the Rose Bowl. Otherwise why leave the Big 12 (now just 10 teams with the loss of Nebraska and Colorado, and expected to be just six after Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State leave for the Pac 10) unless it’s because the sports media relatively regularly has ignored the Big 12? Money, I know. The usual reason. Hopefully, it will make for some stronger opponents for Texas.

UPDATE:  Nevermind. Seems the Big 12 will be just ten teams, but reduction to six talk was much to-do about nothing much. Media driven, maybe?

School science project experiments

Whew. The six experiments for Mr. B.’s school science project took four hours. Not counting an hour’s worth of breaks, one of them a trip to the grocery for more supplies.

I hesitate to explain the thing until it’s turned in later this month and the grade is given. Who knows whether the competition might pass through. By then I will be able to post one of the pictures we took in documenting everything and the conclusions we drew.  Said conclusions remaining to be drawn, of course. The data collection was exhausting enough. We continue with the analysis tomorrow and Monday.

I will say that the experiments didn’t turn out the way we expected, probably partly because our methodology wasn’t very precise. Which is one reason I doubt AGW, because of what I’ve read of their methodology, it, too, is far from precise.

Missed the Ole Miss-OK State game, of course. Sorry State was shelacked, 21-7. Maybe it’s as well I missed it. To my Mississippi relatives who follow Ole Miss, congratulations!

Alas that gives the Big 12 a 3-3 record in bowls so far. Hope Tech wins tonight and, of course, Texas next Thursday to make the record a winning one.

Texas 35, Central Florida 3

Appropriate score at the end doesn’t reflect the slow start of the Longhorns offense in the first half that had UCF ahead 3 to 0 at the end of the first quarter. That was incredible, given the way Texas jumped out to 21 points in the first quarter against OK State, a much better team than U. of Central Florida.

I could see the Horns dropping to third in the BCS rankings tomorrow, especially if Alabama beats LSU. In fact, in that scenario, I could see Alabama jumping to first. Since Florida is only playing Vanderbilt, the SEC’s doormat. With the Iowa loss, however, it seems the Horns are still on track for Pasadena.

Horns a question mark

Oklahoma seems to be the favorite of the betting line, both to win the Big Twelve South this year and, less so, the Big Twelve itself. The Longhorns may not even be up in the pre-season Top Ten–which will be released soon The daily’s Kirk Bohl’s says what the Horns do this year depends on whether Coach Mack Brown keeps the growl he acquired before last season’s Holiday Bowl win. We might be able to bet on Burnt Orange Nation coming up with an optimistic prediction when they get around to it.

Mizzou vs Oklahoma

Mr. B. and I are awaiting the big Big 12 championship game tonight which will decide whether Missouri plays for the national championship. We are pulling for Missouri and their Heisman-candidate QB Chase Daniel, who is from the Dallas area. The bookies favor the Okies, who have already beaten Mizzou once this year. Hopefully CD & Co. have figured out how to prevent a repeat of that.

UPDATE:  With eleven minutes to play, it’s OU 35 and Mizzou just 17. Bye, bye Missouri. Daniel keeps making faces. He’s a Texan. He’s seen the Sooner steamroller before. Now he’s under it. 

The Tuscola Kid

Looks like Colt McCoy may yet return as Texas QB, after two weeks rest of his shoulder before the A&M game the day after Thanksgiving. If the injury really is the "stinger" he’s said to have told Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis, he might even be back on track with a Heisman ranking after beating the Aggies. So Colt, personally, could yet have a remarkable season, NCAA record-setting freshman QB (despite really being a sophomore, quaintly called a "redshirt" freshman), top 2 or 3 in the Heisman polls, etc, etc., etc.

The Longhorns season is effectively over wth the loss to K State, unless you count winning the Big 12 as a big deal (not this year), and playing Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. Assuming Texas ranks that high with two losses. Maybe somebody else can get to pummel Boise State. There’s good fortune.